A Disclaimer for Admitted Students Coming to Visitas 2015

Students cheer on the band “Hot Breakfast,” who opened for Janelle Monae on Sunday night at the Tercentenary Theater.
Students cheer on the band “Hot Breakfast,” who opened for Janelle Monae on Sunday night at the Tercentenary Theater.

This year, Yardfest, Harvard’s annual outdoor music concert, is scheduled for Friday, April 24th. Visitas, the annual weekend for admitted students, is scheduled to begin on Saturday, April 25th. You read that right: bright and early Saturday morning, the prospective students of the Class of 2019 are expected to arrive on Harvard’s campus hoping to catch an accurate glimpse of the #bestfouryearsofyourlife. We really do hope you’ll enjoy your stay and decide to join us next fall, but in light of the fact that Visitas takes place the same weekend as Yardfest, we’d like to provide a little disclaimer first, based on the letter sent to prospective students from the Dean of Admissions:

We congratulate you on your acceptance and warmly invite you to the April celebration of newly admitted students! Seriously. We’ve heard that the Class of 2019 Facebook page is already bumpin’, and we look forward to glorifying your fame in Flyby posts of the future. As Dean Fitzsimmons writes, this is "a chance for you to try Harvard on for size." Butttttt we’d also like to put a little precaution in front of his claim: “this weekend will be representative of a typical weekend at Harvard.”

Don’t get us wrong, life at college IS “dynamic, busy, diverse, and full of exciting opportunities.” We ARE happy to offer accommodations for you, we’re just not promising that we’re going to be in the best state of mind should you choose to arrive on campus, say, Friday night instead of Saturday. And we DO want to show you what this school is like, but know that Jessie J isn’t normally visiting our campus and generally we don’t get a school-wide music celebration after a round of midterms. We normally just get more midterms and snow.

There’s pretty much two weekends of the school year that are like this: Harvard-Yale and Yardfest. But with all that said, we really can’t wait to meet you, and we hope you choose to come– even if Saturday morning is rougher for some of us than it is for others.

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