Ways to Get a Date for Formal

Freshmen danced the night away at the reveries of the Freshman Formal on Friday night.
Freshmen danced the night away at the reveries of the Freshman Formal on Friday night.

By Sophia Wen

The sun is finally shining, the year is winding down, and spring formal season is fast approaching. Just like you’re running out of time to start your final projects, you may be running out of time to find yourself a date. You may remember the elaborate promposal schemes of high school, but still aren’t sure how to pull it off in college. Here at Flyby, we’ve provided some surefire ways to win over your potential beau.

1. Serenade them with an Acapella Group
Nothing is more romantic than a group of students showing up at your door and singing to you for three minutes. The gesture is simple enough to pull off. Ask one of your friends in an acapella group for a quick favor. With so many acapella groups on campus, you’re bound to find someone to help you woo your potential date with the hot fire of four part harmonies.

2. Tourist group Flash Mob
Organize a fake tourist group to block their path on the way to class.  Take up the whole walkway, flash cameras in their eyes, trample them in a stampede. Then, the upbeat choreography will begin and you’ll emerge on the tourists’ shoulders holding flowers. You can even get a romantic picture touching the foot of the John Harvard statue. Score.

3. Divest from Fossil Fuels
Is bae an activist? Personally divesting from fossil fuels will be sure to burn his or her loins. They don’t call it Heat Week for nothing. What does it mean to individually divest from fossil fuels? We couldn’t tell you. But figuring that out will totally gain you points.

4. Get a Campus Escort
No, not that kind of escort. If all else fails and you find yourself without a date, HUPD provides student escorts to walk you anywhere on campus, seven days a week. Step 1. Have them walk you to the location of the formal. Step 2.  Have them walk you to the dance floor. Step 3. Walk around and around the dance floor.

If for some reason these suggestions are impractical or borderline offensive, the tried and true method of a nervous text message almost never fails. Godspeed, and hope to see you and your bae on the dance floor.

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