"Change is Good": Your Guide to the New and Improved HUDS

Yes, change is quite wonderful.
Yes, change is quite wonderful. By Katherine J. Cohen

After a summer of deprivation from swai, seitan fajitas, red spiced chicken, and all our other favorite dhall delicacies, we’re sure you were all as excited as we were to return to the fine dining that is HUDS. This long-awaited return, however, was met with substantial changes to the traditional HUDS lineup, on top of a sweet new website that makes us wonder where the asparagus flatbreads and macarons have been hiding for all this time.

Whether you’re having trouble navigating the new sandwich bar or don’t understand why there’s so much chili, here is a run through of our thoughts on all the major changes that the have occurred in the world of dining at Harvard:

Chili and Cornbread: a match made in heaven

Whether chili is actually HUDS’ idea of a healthy lunch item or it’s just their way of hiding whatever was yesterday’s leftovers, in our opinion, this is the best new addition to the daily repertoire. The chili is surprisingly tasty and quite filling, and hey, when did adding cornbread to a meal ever make it worse? Plus, the dining hall staff even offers various types of chili to accommodate both meat-eaters and vegetarians alike, making the chili a lunchtime must.


The latest and greatest HUDS policy to revolutionize breakfast is the addition of quiche, and a mystery food “strata” (seriously, has anyone ever heard of this?), at least twice a week. This is crucial– we’re not sure if the bulk of the Harvard student body would be able to get through the day without a slice of quiche in the morning.

Sandwich Bar

Aka arts and crafts at lunch time, HUDS’ attempt to spark the inner Picasso within all of us. While the sandwich bar has always been in existence, it has been completely revamped this year, now including rotating ingredients such as grilled chicken, mozzarella, pesto, and ciabatta bread. Just in case you can’t figure out how to make a sandwich out of the ingredients provided, a sample sandwich and list of ingredients are always provided. But remember, tempting as it may be, please refrain from eating the sample. Seriously, a lot of hard work went into making that.

These strawberry scones rock.
These strawberry scones rock. By Katherine J. Cohen

Less chunky Greek Yogurt and various other breakfast essentials

One of the most not-so-subtle differences in the dhall this year is that the yogurt has finally changed to one with a more pleasant consistency! Say goodbye to the former days of chunky Greek Yogurt and hello to frozen blueberry topping! This combined with the new, more diverse, breakfast pastry selection make for an A+ HUDS breakfast experience.

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