What to do with the Last Two Weeks of School

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Although we aren't sure if this is good news or bad, there are less than two weeks left of the semester. Two weeks, people. Whether that makes you jump for joy or sink deeper under you growing pile of papers and review sheets, Flyby’s got you covered with the best ways to take advantage of the beautiful spring weather and looming deadlines.

Have a mid-college crisis…or a three-quarters college crisis…or a one-quarter college crisis…whatever works for you.

We kid, we kid. As we (hopefully) proved to most of the pre-frosh this weekend, Harvard is a fun and happening place. But being swamped in work and behind on your projects is not a bad time to start wondering what you’re doing this all for. If you’re stressed, you can take a run or two around the Charles and watch happy people picnic along the river.

Complain because it’s finally warm out but there’s too much work to enjoy the weather.
It feels like only last week there was a massive pile of snow in the Science Center Plaza...because it was a week ago. With temperatures in the 60s--70s by Thursday!--Lamont is the last place you want to be. That’s what Lamont Cafe is for: strike up a conversation and complain your heart out to anyone who will commiserate with you.

Spend time with friends.
Not that there aren’t some who you’re going to Skype everyday over the summer. But, really, you’re not going to see them for a few months, so it’s better now than never to form a closer bond with that pset group, or share more memories with your blockmates. You could find yourself across the world from one another this summer, so enjoy the little time you have together until next semester. And, if you’re up to it make a new friend. The school year isn’t over just yet!

Use that Boardplus.
Or loan some to a needy friend. Whether you have 50 dollars left or five, word has it that it doesn’t carry over to next year. Use it buy yourself a late and caffeinated night in Lamont Cafe, or treat yourself to some Greenhouse goodies. I personally recommend Greenhouse’s Odwalla smoothies--trying all the flavors will put that money to use.

Clean your room.
Even if it’s the first time all semester. Or year. It’s a great way to convince yourself you’re starting anew, even though (shocker!) there are less than two weeks left of the semester. It’s also the best end-of-the-year gift you can give your roommate. More than that, it’s the perfect way to procrastinate studying.

Work Hard.
Finals are coming. This is your chance to watch your GPA soar! Or plummet, if you wish. Isn’t it fun to have so much control over your fate?

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