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CS50 at Yale Hits Sophomore Slump

​Harvard’s Computer Science 50: “Introduction to Computer Science I” saw a significant drop in enrollment at Yale University as it kicks off its second year. In the meantime, the course staff have been busy making changes to the course’s curriculum, staff, and lecture structure.

After Submitting Theses, Seniors Defend their Findings

​With the stress of submitting a senior thesis behind them, some students now face a new challenge of presenting and defending their findings to faculty and peers.

What to do with the Last Two Weeks of School

Whether that makes you jump for joy or sink deeper under you growing pile of papers and review sheets, Flyby’s got you covered with the best ways to take advantage of the beautiful spring weather and looming deadlines.

Acceptance Letters Greeted With Screaming and Disbelief

When Michael J. Won read “Congratulations,” in big bold letters, he started shouting. When he told his mother, she started to cry.

Students Explore the Square with Their Datamatches

After the release of Datamatch pairings, compatible students have scheduled their free meals at Zinnekens, El Jefe’s, Clover, and Pinkberry.

Weather Unseasonably Warm, Students Flock the Square

With guitars, bikes, and class assignments in tow, faculty, students, and Cambridge residents flocked the Science Center Plaza and Harvard Square Thursday and Friday to enjoy what could be the last warm days leading up to New England’s notoriously harsh winter months.

Peabody Museum Celebrates the Day of the Dead

Polly R. Hubbard, the Peabody Museum’s education manager, described the holiday as a way of “welcoming back spirits of people who have passed on...with joy and happiness, and remembering what they were like...instead of woefully missing them.”