The Most Dangerous Game: Flyby’s Presidential Debate Drinking Game

By Madeline R. Lear

To be honest, we all thought it would get easier with time, but it’s less than two months away from election night, and we’re still frightened every time we see Trump and Clinton take center stage at an event.

It’s hard enough getting through this election sober, so we here at Flyby thought we would lend a hand. Upperclassmen, proceed with caution, because continuing with this game for more than 15 min will probably result in permanent liver damage.

Really, the game is quite simple: take a shot (of lemonade, for all you eager freshmen) whenever one of the following happens:

Let's start with opposites. A common complaint is that while Clinton only uses cold, hard facts, Trump on the other hand refuses to use statistics, and argues based on what he believes to be his charisma (we’re gonna hold our opinion on that.) So, whenever Clinton cites another number, or Trump says “just believe me,” take a shot.

Onwards to scandals! As an employer giving an interview, you would assume that you would focus on a person’s resume, achievement, or merits, but that’s obviously not the case here. Instead, let’s focus on every controversial thing they've ever done and never talk about their actual capabilities—especially since they are applying for, arguably, the most important job in the world. So, whenever we’re reminded yet again of every email, business, sex, or Twitter scandal, empty your cups.

Still not drunk enough? Here are some throwaways:

Anytime a Republican mentions something about Reagan, finish your drink.

Every time Trump manages to insult the American people, take a shot.

When Clinton leans on Obama for support, shotgun a beer and cry a little because he’s going to be gone soon.

Feel free to add some extra rules for the next debate. Just don't get too carried away; something tells us HUHS is already pretty backed up with all the freshman binge drinking.

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