Superhero Group

Halloween: a time when friend groups all across campus can prove just how tightknit and #goals they are through coordinated group costumes. Costumes with your pals can make preparations for Halloween a fun bonding occasion, especially if you’re having trouble deciding on a costume for yourself. But if you mess it up, your group won’t live it down until Thanksgiving break. Whether you want to look edgy, sexy, or spooky (what?), here’s a list of the best and worst group costumes out there.

Best: TV Show Cast

It’s a classic that may be overused, but there are thousands of TV series out there so your group can always find something original. Make your favorite cartoon series come to life in the form of sleep-deprived Harvard students, or imitate a well-loved sitcom. Imagine, for one night, your friends can be...Friends.

Worst: Rick and Morty

This might be the exception to the rule above. Regardless of your opinion of the show, we can all agree that this fad has run its course. You might think that dressing as the Ricks and Mortys from Dimension B-47 and D-69 will help your group bring the edge, but in reality your Ricks and Mortys will be indistinguishable from all the rest.

Best: Harvard Faculty

Impersonate your favorite professors, and form your own coalition of Harvard’s most notorious faculty. Always obsessing over the Dan/Rich bromance from LS1a? You and your BFF can act out the dream. If you can’t date that one hot TF, be them for a night. Bonus points go to those who score pictures with the teachers they dress up as.

Worst: A Stripping Troupe

We get it. You want to show off your gains. But please, at least do it with a more subtle costume, especially since it’s freshman family weekend. Honestly, any group costume can turn into a stripping troupe if you try hard enough.

Best: Inanimate Objects

Costumes don’t necessarily have to resemble people in order to be great. Halloween is a night to think outside of the box. Depending on the size of your squad, you and your buddies can add a new twist on everyday objects. Have a group of four? Consider embodying the suits of a card deck. Squad of ten? Go party hopping as hopscotch tiles, and make it a challenge to never break formation for the whole night. The possibilities are endless.

Worst: Pumpkin Patch

You know what everyone is tired of seeing? Pumpkins. You know what you just made us all see? Pumpkins. Everywhere.

Best: Clones

If you’re still stuck on who to dress up as, look no further than within your own group. Choose one friend to be themselves, and have everyone else in your circle dress up as them. No squad size restrictions for this onein fact, this is one case in which the more truly is the merrier.

Worst: Minions

Again, not edgy or entertaining if everyone else is doing it.

We hope we could give your squad some good ideas—and crush some bad ones. And hey, even if your costumes do flop, you have the consolation