Friday night before The Game, Harvard and Yale students alike form a huge line outside Toad's, a popular local night club in New Haven. Bouncers at the door try to maintain order in the pushing crowd.

Harvardians and Yalies will be squaring off in the Yale Bowl on Saturday, but the first, and perhaps more important face-off will go down Friday night at Toad’s. Often name-dropped—either with love or disgust—by Yale students in Facebook memes, and inquired about by curious Harvard game-goers, Toad’s is the subject of Flyby’s latest ~investigation~.

Its Wikipedia description—“Toad's Place is a concert venue and nightclub”—does it little justice. From the outside, the place looks rather modest, with none of the pizazz of a major city’s nightclub. But considering New Haven puts the cut in Connecticut we didn’t expect much in the looks department. The interior looks to be just as seedy. With a small dance space, dingy trappings, and occasionally un-danceable tracks, besides their inferior taste, one might start to wonder why Yalies even bother going to this Place.

To its credit, Toad’s must be seen through a different lens. It’s a rite of passage in breaking out of the Yale bubble. “Gownies” interact with the “townies” and make memories both cringey and euphoric. Famous bands and artists have graced the stage, including Kings of Leon, Queen Latifah, and U2. Every Wednesday night is Woad’s, and the club is open only to Yale students (creating a sort of “study break” every week).

So be sure to hit up Toad’s this Friday night. If you don’t have a Yalie friend’s room to crash, you’ll probably end up squandering the wee hours into the morning here. With a shelter, plenty to drink, and close proximity to potential mates, Toad’s has your basic needs covered.