HUDS Lunch Schedule

As if mourning Harvard Time weren’t enough, we must now grieve the loss of our favorite meal of the day — lunch. Sure, breakfast is supposedly the most important, but let’s be honest here: how many of us take those 9 a.m.s or even get up in time for breakfast? With the new schedule leaving many without time for an adequate midday meal, we have been left with a hole in our lives that isn’t easy to fill. Other than reinstating Harvard Time, here are some ways the higher powers could alleviate our hanger.

Eating in Class

A shout out to the numerous good samaritans on our teaching staff who already allow this, but could we please add this to the Harvard College Handbook for Students just so it’s official? (Looking at you, evil math professor).


Picture this: you are stranded at the Science Center, miles away from your House. You smell food and follow its scent all the way to the first floor and take out your Harvard ID before you realize that Greenhouse is gone, Clover does not accept BoardPlus, and nor do those tantalizing food trucks outside. We need more restaurants on Board and while we’re at it, an allowance if we’re not dining back at the home front.

24/7 Dhalls

If CVS can be 24/7, why not HUDS? Who doesn’t feel hungry at 9 p.m. when they eat lunch at 4:30? And Brain Breaks? Do they expect us to survive the night on fruit and cookies? We don’t necessarily want the works (immediately, that is), but we demand adequate nutrition.


Nope, not us; we are not forever bound to the hyphen like our friends at HUDS. Nor are we bound to the principles of cold, stale, flavorless, unhealthy food with disposable packaging. If we’re expected to rely on bagged lunches or Fly-By lunches five days a week, they need to be better.

Express Lines

This request is from the freshmen who are constantly battling lunch lines in Annenberg. Why can’t we pick three delicious items, gulf them down in five minutes, and not be starving through class? That way, we don’t have to hate the new schedule or that person ahead of us in line WHO JUST CAN’T DECIDE WHAT THEY WANT.

Lunchbox Couriers

If it works for the denizens of Mumbai, then why not us? All we need are roughly 50 volunteers willing to bike around the campus and deliver hot lunch to all bagged lunchers. Dishes can be left at designated spots or returned to dhalls at night and voila! We have successfully emulated a very successful lunching model.

If all else fails, at least we know what to say if HUDS rejects these suggestions: let us eat cake!