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A Cultural Masquerade

In the 21st century, maybe it’s increasingly impossible for anyone to have a straightforward explanation for where they come from. We toggle between identities, pulling from a jumble of birthplaces and nationalities. When I pretended to be my American roommate Hannah, maybe it wasn’t a lie, so much as one facet of who I am.

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The Five Stages of Writing Papers

Writing a final paper is an experience, to say the least. We've broken it down into five critical stages.

Khurana Addresses Students
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Visitas Advice from Around Harvard

Check out this Visitas advice from administrators, faculty, staff, and a student from around campus!

Zodiac Signs
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Harvard Houses as Zodiac Signs

Twelve houses, twelve zodiac signs — you get the picture.

Tufts Project Harriet Jacobs
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Finding Freedom on the African American Trail Project

While the house currently serves as the Cambridge Center for Adult Education, few know that 56 Brattle St. was once the residence of Mary Walker, a woman who was born into slavery in 1818, escaped from bondage, and later lived in the house with her family for 42 years.

"To All the Boys I've Loved Before"
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Quiz: How Will You Find the Love of Your Life at Harvard?

Looking for love? Take this Harvard soulmate quiz to find out where you'll find it on campus!

Stone Hall Exterior
House Life

Quincy House

Quincy’s residents swear that you could live almost your entire life in Quincy and not miss a thing.

Moon and Tree

Ten Steps Ahead

It was always a source of comfort to tread those paths, racing my sister through the balmy summer air, narrating a book in intricate detail to my mother, or laughing as we slipped on ice in the winter.

Cabot Science Library
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An Open Letter to My PSET Buddy

There's a special bond that can only be made through late nights poring over PSETs.

Datamatch flowchart
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Datamatch flowchart

How will your Datamatch experience go?

Datamatch flowchart
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How Will Your Datamatch Go?

Will your Datamatch end in true love, awkward dhall eye contact, or worse? We map it out for you.

Belated Valentine's Day
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Love it or Hate it: Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is divisive to say the least. Two writers square off with their respective views on the day of love.

First Day of School
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Love it or Hate it: 9 a.m.’s

Our writers tell you why you should love or hate 9 a.m.'s

Bitcoin Expo 2018
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5 Fascinating MIT Courses for Cross-Registration

Shatter the Harvard bubble this semester checking out five MIT courses which cover topics that you can't find at Harvard.

FM Gets a Tarot Card Reading
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Cross Examination

By the end of the reading, we have a feeling that the cards just function as a mediator for the reader and subject to discuss their personal obstacles and how to overcome them.