Yard at Night
If your blocking group just came together this week, the Yard might be looking a little...spooky, even Franken-like.

Blocking season is coming in hot, and everyone’s scrambling to find a group. Gossip-worthy arguments unfold, middle school drama is repeated, and unjustified tears are shed. There are undoubtedly some true “squads,” but not every group is created so tight-knit. You may have noticed some surprising group combinations over the past few weeks.

Dubbed the "Franken-Squad," this group is made up of people who’re really not that tight, but don’t want to be floaters. Not sure if you’re part of one or not? Take a look at this Flyby-approved checklist to see if you are.

Polite Convo

If you find yourself engaging in pleasantries with your blocking group a lot, you’re in some deep water. Talking excessively about “that hard p-set last week” and complaining about Berg food at the Berg as the main topics of discussion indicate a lack of spark in the group.


If your squad hasn't explored the city together—and we’re talking about more than a trip to El Jefe’s—and made some good memories, you clearly haven't made it out of the "Harvard Zone" characteristic of Franken-Squads.

Roast Sessions

Whether you're digging into each other or someone else you all despise, engaging in some savage roasts is always good for the camaraderie and health of the group. If you find yourself holding back, that’s never a good sign.

Late Night Talks

Who you go to with those 2 a.m. identity crises is a telltale sign of who you feel close to. If you feel a little weird dropping by your blocking group’s rooms to get some real talk, don’t be surprised when you’re not hanging out with them at all next year.

There are worse things out there than the Franken-Squad, but at least be self-aware enough to know if you're in one.