Vitamin D and Diabetes
A tenacious cold is something we wouldn’t wish upon our worst enemies. These colds are relentless. You try to quell them with “resting” and “staying hydrated,” but a week later, you’re still going through tissues at a rate that would make the Lorax cry. If this sounds like you, read on for some unpleasant things you can do in order to recover.

Consume your Weight in Vitamin C

We all know Vitamin C is good for your immune system. Fill your backpack up with dhall oranges and get to work — but fair warning: By the time you’re done eating them, you might never want to see a citrus fruit again.

Sweat it Out

Keeping warm is essential when you have a cold. Sweating will also get you feeling good about your bod again after the dreadful Freshman 15. Gulp down a cup of hot tea, layer on four sweaters, and proceed to stand in the bathroom while your roommate is showering. If you’re feeling really inspired, make the trek to the Malkin Athletic Center and do some running on a treadmill in full attire. This remedy is guaranteed to make you feel like you deserve a speedy recovery — whether the unpleasant part is dripping sweat in your itchy makeshift sauna or being subjected to your roommate’s shower music is up to you.

Clean Everything

After rudely intruding on your poor roommate’s shower, you probably owe them a favor. Douse the room in disinfectant spray (citrus-scented, if you can still handle it) and clean like you’re back in Fall Clean Up. If there are no more germs around you, we should hope your symptoms won’t get worse.

Suffer Through Juice Shots

Trust me — when health bloggers describe ginger juice immunity shots as “spicy,” they really aren’t lying. College students have a reputation for tolerating fairly unpleasant drinks, but a ginger-lemon-cayenne-gosh-knows-what health combo clocks in at whole new level. Nothing says “I’m putting in work to get better” like actually buying an immunity-boosting juice shot and somehow managing to drink the whole thing.

You don’t have to argue with us — we know these tips might not seem the most appealing. But haven’t you ever heard the expression no pain, no gain?