The Ultimate Campus Strut Playlist

Listen to this playlist and learn how to strut your stuff like this
Listen to this playlist and learn how to strut your stuff like this By Jennifer Y Yao

When blasting music while you walk across campus (whether you opt for AirPods or plebian earbuds), having the right playlist is everything. This playlist will have you strutting across campus with so much confidence you’ll need your own sidewalk.

Meant to Be // Bebe Rexha

Strut Level: 1/5

The first step to mastering your strut is getting rid of the tension. Close your eyes and let yourself believe that there’s truly no “need to go​ nowhere fast, let's enjoy right here where we at.”

Monaco // MKTO

Strut Level: 2/5

Whether you have a special someone or not, this song will make you feel like you are the most sought-after human in all the land. Nothing amps up the strut game like feeling like someone is willing to “go wherever you go,” even if it means “chasing you through the streets of Monaco”...not really sure where Monaco is but it sounds very idyllic and strut-worthy.

No Brainer // DJ Khaled

Strut Level: 3/5

If DJ Khaled and Justin Bieber both tell you that you “stick out of the crowd,” then you best believe you stick out of the crowd. In a sea of Harvard students and tourists, you’re special and it’s time you start acting like it.

IDGAF // Dua Lipa

Strut Level: 4/5

Is this song about making a man regret ever doing you dirty? Maybe. Can this song be about how that L you took in that class really doesn’t matter to you? Yes. Regardless of what this song actually means, you’re above it all and people better stay a solid foot and a half away from you.

Queen // Loren Gray

Strut Level: 5/5

Get ready to own the sidewalk once you start blasting this song. This song might not get people to actually “bow down on [their] knees,” but keep channeling that royal strut, and it’s only a matter of time.

Why trek across campus when you can strut? Who knows, maybe you’ll even visit your Quad friends, strutting the whole way.

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