No One: Harvard:

By Amy Y. Li

It’s no secret that sometimes Harvard says things that make everyone wonder who exactly is behind all of the decisions and emails. Whether you take comfort in the wholesome predictability(nothing better than a #transformative experience) or you revel in the latest screenshot-worthy statement, Harvard is never at a loss for words. Here are some of our favorites.

No one:

Harvard: “The University will remain open for normal operations”

No amount of ice and snow can keep us from our studies, right? Yes, it may be freezing outside, but that’s what Canada Goose jackets were made for! By now, we all know that school is usually cancelled everywhere but here — nothing like sliding down the steps of Widener after a long day of classes.

No one:

Harvard: “Yardfest is going to be on a Sunday afternoon”

If you thought that the sole purpose of Sunday was to mourn the upcoming week, Harvard is here to prove you wrong. Wipe away those tears and dance on over to that pre-Yardfest block party, because there’s no better time to party than on a brisk April Sunday afternoon. Broad daylight as a beautiful backdrop for forming memories of a lifetime? Count us in. We all love ourselves a good once-per-semester darty!

No one:

Harvard: “Yard Closure this Friday – Please Plan Accordingly”

The annual Student Involvement Fair and the Head Of the Charles Regatta: just two of a select number of days every year where Harvard finds a way to be more exclusive than it already is. In all seriousness, we know that these Yard closures work to maintain safety during our school’s particularly hectic and high-profile events. We’re just glad we no longer have to endure this kind of bag check security every time we stumble out of Lamont.

No one:

Harvard: “Stay hydrated”

It seems like Harvard jumps at every opportunity to remind us to do the thing that keeps us alive… strange. Sometimes they sprinkle in a loving “make sure you eat enough”, and remember the Sleep 101 module? We really don’t understand why they feel the need to remind us of these things. Truly stumped on this one.

No one:

Harvard: “Optimal buzz”

Again, there seems to be a pattern here. Props to Harvard for making sure that Freshman start their college experience with a good community-building meme before they even get to campus.

No one:

Harvard: “A transformative experience –”

All Dean Khurana wants is for us to get the most out of these four years, and we had to turn it into a meme. Kids these days. Must everything be a meme? (Yes.)

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