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In/Out: 2022 Back-to-School Edition

Is this just an excuse to announce that, as of this semester, FlyBy (read: not Flyby Blog) will not, in fact, chastise you for taking one sandwich AND a salad? Maybe. Cheers to being properly fed as we enter this fall! From recruiting to more recruiting, see below for what’s out and what’s in this back-to-school season.

Dunster’s Plums Are The Reason I Get Out of Bed in the Morning

So, I could write a letter directly to Dunster’s Plums, but that wouldn’t be useful to you. And you — a Harvard student sitting in lecture while comping seven clubs while debating a situationship while double-fisting compostable paper cups while, apparently, reading the latest Flyby masterpiece — you only like things that are useful.

In/Out: Fall 2021 Edition

In/Out: Fall 2021 Edition

How to: Get Your (Virtual) Life Together

We’re still mentally in the banana bread-making-phase of quarantine, but that hasn’t stopped classes from being scheduled to start… tomorrow. With everything online, there’s suddenly a ton to manage — Zoom links lost in the depths of our inboxes, Google Forms on Canvas that may or may not work, and TFs who are, understandably, overwhelmed as everyone rushes to get their shit together. Use the tips and resources below to have your online semester figured out in no time.