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SoWa Open Market
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Burst the Bubble: Oct. 11 - Oct. 14

An opportunity to procrastinate, relax, explore Boston, and procrastinate some more? Count us in! Burst the Harvard bubble and check out what Boston has to offer this weekend.

Harvard Shop Shirts
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Harvard Things to Buy Instead of the New iPhone

We’re all about that glass-half-full-of-dollar-bills-type of thinking, so we’ve compiled some Harvard things you can buy instead of the latest iPhone.

Q Guide Home Screen
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Q Guide Roundup

However you feel about the classes you’re taking this fall, just remember: Your responses to the Q Guide will live in infamy.

Visitas Activities Fair
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Not at Visitas? Don't Worry: It's Really Not That Deep

If you're not going to Visitas, not to worry! It's truly not that deep.

Fall in Harvard Yard
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No One: Harvard:

What's better than a Harvard-based meme? A collection of them.

Currier House Exterior
House Life

Currier House

Wait, so you’re telling me that it’s possible to have spacious singles, the best food on campus, and an amazing community… all in one house? Yep, Currierites truly have it all.

University Health Services
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How to Avoid the Plague That is College Sickness

The semester's almost over, but you can never let your guard down when it comes to staying healthy. Constant vigilance.

Camping Out in Cold
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Ticketing at Yale Was Worse

The prospect of walking to the Murr Center or waiting in long lines at the Smith Campus Center appealed to exactly no member of the Harvard community. But it might please you all to know that Yale's ticketing process was even worse.

Harvard-Yale Spirit Week Events

Get H-Ype About the CEB’s Harvard-Yale Spirit Week

We sum up the highlights of the CEB's planned events for this week. It's Payback Time!

Midterms Flowchart
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Midterms Flowchart

Midterms Flowchart
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How Hard Will You Try On Your Next Midterm?

Which will it be, productivity or procrastination?

Not So Levly Weather
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How to Cope with the Ever-Changing Fall Weather

We're hot and we're cold.