How to: Live Off-Campus Fall 2020

By Shree Bose

After spending months in your childhood bedroom being doted on by your parents, learning how to be independent again by living off-campus may be liberating but, quite frankly, also a bit terrifying. While you might not have HUDS and house gyms to get you through the semester, Flyby has some tips to help you thrive while living off-campus!

Trade-r Up from HUDS

Nobody wants to feel like they’re a Trader to HUDS but if you can’t have Veritaffles and Red Spiced Chicken, why not Trade up with Trader Joe’s extensive selection of delicious yet nutritious frozen dinners and snacks? And make sure you don’t forget to add “Everything But the Bagel” seasoning or “Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups” to your cart! Disclaimer: Flyby is not sponsored by Trader Joe’s. At least not officially.

Save a Latte Money

Without a HUDS meal plan, you might find that groceries are much more expensive than you had budgeted for. But do you really have the strength to forgo your daily coffee runs? Maybe it’s time to invest in a coffee machine — not only will it pay off in the long run, but you can also limit your ventures into the outside world and infuse your home with the delicious scent of freshly brewed coffee — cof-free of charge!

Lighten Up

Keep the seasonal depression at bay by making sure your new abode is well-lit, whether it’s by investing in better curtains or cute lamps! That being said, don’t invest too much into room decor as your stay may be even more temporary than usual. This goes for packing lightly as well — off-campus or not, if there was one thing we all learned from our rapid departure from campus last spring, it’s to keep our possessions minimal. You never know what new ways COVID-19 will find to ruin our plans.

Nama-Stay at Home

These puns are a stretch, but if you’re looking for alternatives to gyms or a way to keep your mind and body healthy, consider investing in a yoga mat and perhaps some weights! Not a fan of home workouts? Repurpose them as home decor — if positioned correctly to fit within your Zoom frame, you can flex your ~athleticism~ to your classmates.

Stay Sane-itized

Anxious about steering clear of COVID-19? Stay both sane and sanitized by setting up a sanitizing station, complete with hand sanitizer and face masks, by your door for safe and convenient returns to your home sweet home!

Life off-campus might not be what you bargained for, but with these tips, you just might be able to have one of your best semesters yet!

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