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Dean Khurana may be known for his friendly smile, quirky Instagram posts, and level of energy he puts towards supporting Harvard undergraduates, but did you know that on the side he’s actually a ~fire~ playlist curator? Keep reading to see how we ranked his most *popping* playlists:

1. Welcome Home Harvard

With a whopping 78 likes, it’s no surprise the Welcome Home Harvard playlist easily dubs first place. We love the fun and goofy mood that Dean Khurana was in when combining High School Musical’s “We're All in this Together” and Diddy's “Coming Home.” Currently admiring Dean Khurana for not only inspiring us through leadership, but also music taste. Listen to “Cheeseburger In Paradise” to confuse you more than that Stat 110 pset. After a year and a half away from home, we appreciate the sentimentality.

2. Move-In Day

2016? What a throwback! We love to see the musical diversity and nostalgic vibes coming through on Dean K’s first playlist. Some big jams that we can never forget from 2016 are featured, like tracks from Hamilton, “Ugly Heart” by G.R.L (okayy channeling BBE), and “Come On Eileen?” We’re pretty sure this is the third time we’ve seen that song featured in these playlists so far…

3. The Playlist with No Title

Artistic boldness should be rewarded. This playlist has some big bops, but is ranked number three because it lacks a name :( We wished we had some type of title to explain Dean Khurana’s combinations of Drake with…John Denver??? On second thought, how do you title a playlist like this?

4. Harvard-Yale Playlist (most recent)

Nothing ever perks up a Harvard student’s attention more than “Free Jefes” and “Harvard-Yale.” We did the math, 22 percent of Dean Khurana’s playlists are dedicated to Harvard-Yale. With one even titled #BeatYale, we love the feistiness! What’s more Harvard than listening to a Harvard playlist by the Harvard Dean on your way to Harvard-Yale? However, we ranked it fourth because of song repeats from previous playlists – Dean K we need ~more spice~.

5. Harvard College Playlist – Pt. 1

Coming in at number five, we have this truly, extremely Harvard playlist. With some absolute BOPS (gotta love supporting our awesome arts groups on campus!), this is sure to give you a healthy dose of school spirit as you pass that tourist lovingly caressing John Harvard’s foot. Some points lost for no part two – maybe it’s time to update? Or better yet, now that in-person shows are back, go check out these arts groups in real time!

6. Pro and Con: The Valentine Playlist

Damn. Really getting at the heart (*wink wink*) of the issue. Who needs Love It/Hate It: Valentine’s Day – simply listen to this playlist and let your ears decide if Valentine’s Day is worth the hype. Dean Khurana, we have to know: is Valentine’s Day a pro or con? It may not be his best playlist of all time, but it’s certainly one that leaves us asking, “Who hurt you?”

7. Mid-Summer Playlist

Are you a true Spotify playlist aficionado if you don’t have at least one iconic summer playlist? This mid-summer playlist ranks a good bit lower than DJ Khurana’s other musical endeavors, but with a good variety of throwbacks and 2019 favorites (love the Maggie Rogers!), it’s still sure to be a crowd pleaser.

8. Socially-Distant Karaoke Playlist

Closing out our rankings, we have another one of Dean Khurana’s more recent playlists. In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, social opportunities can be few and far between – what’re you to do but host your own socially distant karaoke night? We can only assume these must be the songs that Rakesh himself is ready to belt out at a moment’s notice. Just one question remains: why weren’t we invited?? Alas, maybe next time we can join in and perhaps even be featured on the Insta

Bonus: Playlists Nov. 2016 - May 2018

What we like to call, the Cassette Collection: these custom image covers add some special flare to already great playlists. Who knew Dean K was a graphic design king, too?

What can you learn about someone from their Spotify playlists? Apparently, that they love “Come On Eileen” and creating ambitious mash-up’s of “22” by Taylor Swift and “Party Rock Anthem.” Dean Khurana, keep those playlists coming – we can only aspire for our playlists to be as good as yours!

...and with Halloweekend coming up, be sure to get into the spooky spirit with yet another timely playlist from our favorite personal DJ!

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