Free / Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

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So. Halloween is approaching, everyone’s got their super cool outfits planned, and the online delivery dates for every costume order estimates at least a November arrival. What is a broke college student to do? Well, fear not! Check out these creative ideas for free, last-minute costume ideas that are sure to turn some heads at your less-than-10-person suite kickbacks this weekend.

House Flag Toga

See those colorful flags that hang on the outer walls of each House? Take it now as a challenge for you and your besties to catch ‘em all and make the best group costume this campus has ever seen. Whether you decide to rep some classic House pride or show out for your River daddy’s residence, this one will make for some excellent dorm decor when the Halloweekend festivities are over.

Be a Tourist: Stare at Them, for a Change!

Turn the tables on the tourists and make up for every sneak photo they’ve taken of you walking across the Yard or invasive glance thrown into your freshman year dorm. All you’ll need is every piece of Harvard merch you own and a camera— take up residence on Widener steps, stare down those tour groups, ready your cameras, and let the fun begin.

Mummy? Sorry: Covid Test Pamphlet Wraps

Instead of tossing those Color pamphlets that come with every Covid test you’ve definitely stayed on schedule for, opt for the eco-friendly route and reuse those bad boys! Though the dark blue hue might be a bit unconventional for a mummy, it seems pretty on par with the rest of this year, doesn’t it? If you start saving them up now, you’ll honestly be able to make enough mummy costumes (in-theory) for every weekend until midterm season “ends”.

Skimpy Superhero: HUDS To-Go Containers

Just like those to-go containers have saved many of us when we’re running late or avoiding prime breakfast time for athletes in the Quincy d-hall, they could also help you make a great showing as a superhero come Halloweekend. Using the containers and lids to make sure everything is covered and secured, all you’ll need to add is a utensil as your weapon of choice. Not sure who you could go fight now that you’re all dressed up, though— maybe the rats?

Group Costume Bonus: That Free Crewneck from the Student Involvement Fair

We’re all basically matching every day in that crewneck, anyway.

When all’s said and done, no costume can measure up to the satisfaction of knowing that, at long last, we’ll be able to spend this spooky holiday in-person and on-campus with friends. Regardless of what you wear, remember to have fun, stay safe, and eat a lot of candy. Happy Halloween!

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