How to Preserve Your Romantic Options during Winter Break

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Believe it or not, winter break is almost upon us. You might be looking forward to going home and relaxing, but if you’re like me, you’re probably very worried about how to not let the ABUNDANT romantic options you’ve found this semester fizzle out during winter break. I’ve come up with a few resourceful ways to keep those romantic sparks lit throughout the month we’re apart.

Subtle Online Communication

Like their instagram posts. Maybe leave a fun comment (eyeball emoji? Or a “nice post!”) If you’re feeling really bold (or desperate) maybe add them to your private story so they can see all the crazy fun you’re having with your family.

Wrong Person Texts

These are one of my personal favorites! Text your romantic interest something along the lines of “Just met up with [high school ex] for coffee!” and hurriedly follow it with an “Omg oops wrong person.” This is a surefire method to get your crush thinking about you again, whether it’s in a jealous way or just a weirded out way.

A Startup!

This may be my most solid idea in this whole list, especially if your romantic interest is a man or an econ major or both. Approach your crush just before break with an absolutely killer startup idea that would make your peers’ LinkedIns PALE in comparison. He won’t be able to resist! You two will be forced to work on the startup over break and you can revel in Zoom and shared Google Doc sexual tension.

Hometown Fling

Sick and tired of the fairly intolerable Harvard dating pool? Unwilling to even TRY to maintain any romantic options from this place? Do I have the solution for you! Snap that guy you always thought was cute from AP US History. Pay a visit to your local coffee shop and see if that hot barista still works there! Maybe crack open a dating app and cringe every time you swipe by someone from high school. A hometown fling this winter may be the perfect way to keep your life flirty AND start relating to “tis the damn season” by Taylor Swift. Two birds with one stone!

Seriously though, the volleyball player you always see in the dining hall who doesn’t know your name or that pset buddy you swear you have more than one type of chemistry with probably aren’t pursuits worth putting a ton of effort into. So just chill and focus on yourself this winter break! Maybe read a novel for pleasure like you used to. The shitty romantic options will be here waiting for you after break.

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