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How to Preserve Your Romantic Options during Winter Break

Believe it or not, winter break is almost upon us. You might be looking forward to going home and relaxing, but if you’re like me, you’re probably very worried about how to not let the ABUNDANT romantic options you’ve found this semester fizzle out during winter break. I’ve come up with a few resourceful ways to keep those romantic sparks lit throughout the month we’re apart.

Flyby Manifests: The Yardfest of Our Dreams

Yardfest been letting you down a bit the past few years? Me too, even though I’ve never experienced one. However, I do know exactly what type of Yardfest I want to experience. Stay tuned for the Yardfest of all of our dreams that I better see that $50 billion put toward.

Which Harvard Horror Are You?

Things are getting spooky at Harvard this October. Which of the many horrors at this institution do you most identify with— or most fear? We classified some of the most spine-chilling, blood-curdling horrors you’ll find at Harvard this Halloween season.