Flyby Appreciates: A Year Like No Other

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Gratitude can be hard. Gratitude in the midst of a global pandemic and other endless societal trauma? Damn near impossible. Yet, as many of us sit in our empty childhood bedrooms a full year out from the day the world ended, we can’t help but slow down and appreciate even the little moments that have brought us joy this year. We asked our writers to share their own personal “little moments” in doodle form, as we appreciate a year truly like no other.

To all the blanket burritos I’ve encased myself in before… Thank you for reminding me that to be alone is not to be without warmth.

— Christine S. Lee ’23

Did I regret it? A little. Do I still regret it? Absolutely not. The quarantine bangs, if anything, are at least a conversation starter and at most, an invitation to be your hairstylist. And trust me, you won’t regret it either.

— Janani Sekar ’23

Spontaneous calls to talk about really specific topics, and no general catching up.

— Sarah M. Lightbody ’22

Constant appreciation for the HUDS staff, for being all around wonderful human beings and providing me with plenty of oat milk.

— Rachel L. Reynolds ’22

To all the stray cats I feed in my neighborhood, thank you for the never-ending cuteness and serotonin.

— Maranda Ngue ’22

My mama makes the best cup of tea in the world, and I’m so grateful for another year of drinking tea with her while complaining about Zoom, stressing about the future, or discussing the latest episode of “Below Deck.”

— Peyton A. Jones, ’22

So, maybe everything else is falling apart, but at least we have warm blankets, HUDS oat milk, and plenty of stray cats to help us pull through. We may not be experts in ~emotional stability~, but appreciating even the tiniest things to get us through this year feels like the right start. So why wait? Send that appreciation text, that letter of gratitude, that doodle-full-of-love — and look forward to a better year ahead<3

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