Flyby Investigates: Grocery Stores Near Campus

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Disclaimer: There are many grocery stores in the great city of Cambridge and if your favorite one didn’t make this round up, we really mean no harm. Since Flyby is all about #lifehacks, here’s a list of stores you can hit up in under 10 minutes — whether it’s by walk, shuttle, T, or delivery!

Trader Joe’s

We love this store more than ec concentrators love stonks. Trader Joe’s is the home of fabulous snacks for unbeatable prices. Every day, we hope our unofficial-brand-ambassador status will become official, but we are yet to succeed in this endeavor. Till then, we leave you with our go-to items: dried mango, brownie brittle, fake Takis, and literally ANY frozen dinner. Note: there are a few different TJs in the area so take your pick!

Wholesome Fresh

You’ve probably walked past this store on Church Street a million times and never noticed it. Wholesome Fresh is a small but sophisticated grocery store with fruit, snacks, and basics like bread and milk. We’ll admit they’re a little expensive — actually a lot expensive — but you’re paying for the proximity. And if you’re feeling lazy, they’ve even got a deli and hot breakfast!

Broadway Marketplace

Don’t underestimate this little grocery store by Harvard Art Museums. They’ve got all the essentials: produce, baking supplies, and other healthy-looking foods. Broadway Marketplace is small, so don’t come here shopping for a party (no parties allowed now anyway #thanksrona), but this neighborhood store is perfect for personal grocery needs.

Whole Foods

Yes it’s on the pricey end, but we don’t mind spending a little extra on the good and healthy from time to time. Especially if you’ve got allergies or dietary restrictions, Whole Foods is the place for you. And hot tip: with an Amazon Prime student discount, you can get your groceries delivered to your door and save a few dollars every time you visit in person (thank you, Bezos).

Star Market

For the quadlings and the people who don’t mind a walk to Porter, Star Market is a fully fledged grocery store that has all the essentials. It’s right by a Target and a shopping center too, to give you some suburb vibes and remind you a bit more of home. Note: they also have a bakery section where you can get cake!


Just one stop away in Central, this Asian grocery store has got you covered when it comes to produce, essentials, and (most importantly) snacks. With a wide range of imported foods, you’ll be able to find items that aren’t available at any other location on this list. And bonus: There’s a Paris Baguette (the restaurant, not the bread) inside!

No shade (okay, a little shade) to our beloved Harvard Square CVS, but with all these grocery options, there’s no reason to regularly shop there. So next time you're debating if you should drop ten dollars on a carton of juice, pull up this list and just thank us later!

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