Winthrop House

By Nayeli Cardozo
Welcome to Winthrop House! We know it, you know it — Winthrop has the finest renovations on campus. Get sorted into this house, and you’ll have a life filled with studying in one of Winthrop’s three beautiful courtyards, a gorgeous view of the river, and so many amenities we can’t list just one — from the meditation room to the Lion’s Den. We finally understand #ThropLove.
By Hana Rehman and Maryam S.K. Tourk

By Nayeli Cardozo

Quirks & Perks

“You don’t transfer out of Winthrop,” HoCo co-chair Alli M. Tompkins ‘24 said.

And after just one look around, it’s not hard to see why. Along with the picturesque exterior and the not one, not two, but three courtyards that attract tourists and students alike, Winthrop offers some of the best social scenes on campus. From the Arbella Ball to Throptober Fest — there’s an event at Throp for everyone. Throptober is Winthrop’s very own fall fair, with hay bales, pumpkins, and even a cotton candy-making machine. Not a fan of rolling around in the hay? The Arbella Ball provides a chance to dress up in your finest fits and pay tribute to the boat that brought over Winthrop’s namesake. Not only does Winthrop have extravagant events, but it also hosts weekly steins in the JCR and Lion’s Den to connect with fellow Thropians and grab some great food.

The House’s community also extends to an incredible team of resident tutors, building managers, deans, and proctors. Just this year, one of the Throp tutors hosted a chocolate tasting seminar where she taught a lesson about the history of chocolate and had students smelling (and tasting!) tens of different flavors.

“It's really cool that the tutors here are so committed. They just want to do random things like have us all taste chocolate, so it was really cool,” Tompkins shared.

Clearly, all you do is win win win(throp) with this house!

All About Housing

In Winthrop, more is more. With amenities from the JFK Suite to the Lion’s Den, there’s little that Winthrop doesn’t offer. As one of the most recently renovated houses, Winthrop sophomores often get hallway singles or suites with doubles with no carpeted floors or mice in sight (Winthrop does not settle for anything less)! Sophomores get the chance to live alongside juniors and seniors throughout Winthrop’s three stunning halls: Standish, Gore, and Beren. If you’re looking for a party, check out the Beren Rooftop Room, featuring a gorgeous view of the river.

If you’re looking to study, head down to Winthrop's very own Widener-esque library, grab a snack from the student Grille, or meditate in Winthrop’s Meditation Room. With the Lorraine E. Chickering Music Rooms, Third Wrangler Art and Design Room, and their own gym, Winthrop dwellers have access to a variety of spaces right at their fingertips without ever having to leave.

Tompkins says “Everyone is really happy to be in Winthrop!” and we believe her!

Your Questions Answered

While you’re counting down the days until you can (hopefully!) be sorted into Winthrop — you may still have some lingering questions about life as a Winthropian. Thankfully, Tompkins tells all in this final pitch for this amazing house.

If you could describe your house with a HUDS dish, what would it be?

AMT: The Sunday night chicken parm.

What major would your house be?

AMT: The first thing that comes to mind is Hist & Lit.

What’s one thing you want a first-year to know about Winthrop?

AMT: We have hardwood floors and no rodents or animals or bugs... So you are winning here.

Why should first-years be excited about Winthrop?

AMT: Winthrop is just the nicest building here. You will not find a physically nicer building. So there’s that, but there’s also a lot of people… Everyone comes here because the dining hall is nice, and there’s so many things. There’s a really beautiful library, the gym, wonderful rooms, wonderful buildings, so many events, and so many people.

If you’re fortunate enough to get this house, we look forward to seeing you rocking your lions sweatshirts all around campus #ThropLove <3.

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