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Enough talk of the norovirus and the dissolution of the UC! Let’s discuss something fun: where, oh, where can one go to brunch in the Square??? From familiar favorites to the new kids on the block, it’s about time for a fresh ranking on Harvard’s Greatest Brunch spots.

The Countdown

5. Darwin’s Ltd.

Necessary disclaimer: Darwin’s is a gem and in no way deserves a last place ranking. But alas, Harvard has some pretty fire brunch spots. Darwin’s menu is filled with tons of fun twists on the classic egg-and-cheese combo, a great coffee bar, and DESSERTS. One small caveat is the limited sit-down options. While there are a few small tables to sit and chat, Darwin’s is overall more of a grab-and-go setting. My order you ask? The Radcliffe – 1 cage-free over-medium egg, cheddar, avocado, pickled onions, & arugula on a housemade biscuit, and don’t forget about a top-notch matcha latte with almond milk. Enough said. Darwins’s close proximity to the Quad is making me pretty hyped to join the Currier community next fall.

4. Tatte Bakery & Cafe

Tatte’s line consistently spills out onto the sidewalk or is often packed to the door. This speaks to the cafe’s stellar food, extensive options, and great overall vibes. But its popularity is also its very downfall. Brunch becomes complicated when you're sitting at a miniature table fit for approximately half of a person and can barely hear the person sitting next to you. But, outdoor seating is back! Time for a spring Tatte moment. Food? Fabulous. Pancakes? Perfect. Muesli? Magnificent. I’m a huge fan of the shakshuka and their coffee always hits. So Tatte’s only downside is simply the fact that everyone seems to know how great it is. So be it.

3. Life Alive Cafe

Third place goes to the baby of the Brunch Fam! Welcome to the Square, Life Alive! This one might be my personal favorite. With an immaculate ambiance and tons of seating options (upstairs and ~below ground~), you’re almost sure to find a spot. The menu is very exciting and the food quality is top notch. The acai bowls are truly the best I’ve had and the Superfood Waffles definitely give the HUDS Veritaffles a run for their money. Life Alive’s singular flaw is the fairly steep price point. But at this point in the semester, a trip to Life Alive should count as self care.

2. Zoe’s

Ahhh what a cute classic diner. Zoe’s brings a chill retro flair to the brunch scene, making it the perfect place for a casual catch-up. Thankfully the prices are more college-budget friendly compared to the other places on this list. The all-day breakfast menu is massive – pancakes, milkshakes, omelets, you name it. I’m personally fired up about the idea of Zoe’s “Crunchy French Toast” and a vanilla milkshake on a Sunday morning with the roommates. Are pajamas allowed? I think so.

1. Bluestone Lane

And the winner is… Bluestone Lane! Immaculate vibes. Lots of seating. And the food? 10/10 rating in my book. My personal favorites are the warm banana bread (I mean…) and the egg x feta x bacon x avocado breakfast burrito. You get the jist. And for all the indecisive food ordering queens like myself, Bluestone offers the perfect solution: their Brekkie Board pairs avocado toast with a cute little decorated yogurt parfait. Still wondering if those flowers are actually edible…

That’s A Wrap…

Let’s be real – a “week-in-the-life-of-a-Harvard-student” is not as glamorous as our campus vloggers may make it seem. The perfect remedy to revive your tired soul of the past week’s 11:58 p.m. pset submissions and the mounting anxiety of a section cold call is here... and her name is Brunch <3.

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