Overheard on FDOC: Fall 2023

By Truong L. Nguyen

You know it, you love it, Flyby’s back with our Overheards on FDOC series!! As the student blog, it’s our job to be your eyes and ears, and so today, we took to campus to observe the buzz as we all trickled back into classrooms and lecture halls for another exciting school year. Here are some memorable highlights, from your very own peers:

“The SEC is a cool building but at the same time, it looks like a maximum security prison for the scariest people in the world.” — an SEC tour guide-in-the-making?

“I’m anti pre-med.”

“Yes, I’m pre-med.”

— pretty much every pre-med ever

“Happy FDOC!!”

“I’m not a freshman, why would I be happy?”

— typical FDOC duality

“‘Nice to see you kids, but I gotta go really bad’, and I kid you not, he then sprints to the bathroom.” — chatter in Memorial Hall basement

“Can someone check PassioGo for me, I’m not tryna walk to the SEC.”
“PassioGo’s App Store rating is 1.5 stars…

— first-timers to the SEC

“You know this shuttle goes to the SEC, right…?”

— student to SEC first-timer

“Are you all good with your sections? Because that seemed remarkably painless”

The entire class immediately: “We were already given sections?!”

— a student body that hates sectioning

“Take a nap now, you’ll never be able to nap in peace again.” — simultaneous pro-napper and anti-napper

*lost in Lamont* (that’s it, that’s the whole FDOC vibe)

“I don’t believe in naps, as in I don’t believe I’ll wake up from one if I take a nap midday.” — unnamed chair who is already sleep-deprived

“Don’t be nice to me. I’ll be rizzed.” — resident of delulu land

“No, it wasn’t that bad, he just got a little manipulative.” — another delulu citizen

“Yeah, you definitely need to be in this course.” – Professor to a student who gave a very “section kid” answer in lecture

“I think your brain and my brain think differently. I guess we’re all engineers in our own minds.” – Same professor to a student who gave a weird answer to a question

“Do you have a will to live?”

“I live for the bench.” (Editor’s note: unclear if referring to gym bench or lab bench, or both)

— non-STEM kid and STEM kid talking about their passions

“I think I am unhinged, does that count?”

“You are one of the most hinged people I know.”

“But it’s not as funny to say I am hinged.”

— friendly banter between friendly roommates

“It’s a 30 min walk. In NYC time, that’s basically 20.” — confident speedwalker

“Happy last FDOC!” – non-senior living in excitement

“It’s literally not. There’s still spring FDOC.” — senior living in denial

*student asks professor a question*

“Uhhh…oxygen, nutrients, life, *insert buzzword*” — Professor sharing their field expertise

Our eyes and ears are always open. ;)


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