Burst the Bubble: May 2024

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Is your last final on May 5, but you’re staying for commencement? Did you make it a New Years Resolution to get off campus this semester but now the semester’s basically over and you haven’t yet? Have you already done Flyby’s Boston Walking Tour and our Commuter Rail Adventures and want more to explore? Look no further — Flyby’s got your back with fun activities where you can drag hang out with your friends.

May 5: Mayfair at Harvard Square

Ok, this one will be hard to miss. Enjoy live music, try the food, and maybe take Mt. Auburn instead if you need to get anywhere.

May 12: Lilac Sunday at the Arnold Arboretum

For FREE, you can see so many lilacs. Take it from me — it’s pretty romantic. And a great place for a picnic with a beautiful view, especially at the top of the hill. Just make sure you take some Zyrtec that morning.

Any time: Take the Red Line to Green Line to Blue Line to Revere Beach

Ok, Revere Beach may not be the world’s most beautiful. But consider: you can get there just for round-trip train fare, at any time of day. There’s great ice cream nearby, and what else do you really need for an impromptu beach day? It’s safe to swim in, I PROMISE. And yes, it’s pronounced Rah-vee-ah.

Any time: By-the-pound at the Garment District

It is with a heavy heart that I spill the beans about this wonderful and underrated experience. Every morning, the Garment District (a store, not a district, by M.I.T.) dumps several bushels of random clothing for all ages and genders all over the floor. Anything in the pile is $2/lb. Last time I went, there was a big barrel of at least 300 Mario promotional hats. I also got my raincoat there for, you guessed it, $2. Get loaded up with hand sanitizer and form-fitting clothes (there are no changing rooms) and have at it!

May 24-26: Boston Calling (Music Festival)

“But Flyby Blog,” you say, “I don’t want to pay several hundred dollars for festival tickets!” Well, here is the benefit of the outdoor venue being in an urban area. Simply sit anywhere even remotely nearby and you will hear the music. Pack yourself a picnic, sit by the river, and enjoy hearing, though not seeing, your favorite musicians perform live! Hozier and Chappell Roan will both be there on the Sunday, if you take your whiskey neat and your pony club pink.

Try these and thank us later. And happy summer!

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