Dear Seniors: Need a Last-Minute Graduation Outfit? Here Are Some Ideas.

By Jina H. Choe

Don’t know what you’re wearing to graduation yet? Having a last-minute closet breakdown? We’re here to help. As a victim of chronic decision fatigue, I know how exhausting a decision like what to wear to your final photoshoot of college can be. Thus, let me share my wholly unsolicited, unlicensed advice on what you should wear.

The Classic

If you search up graduation outfits anywhere on the internet, you’re bound to encounter the classic graduation fit at least ten times. Y’know, the white dress (which looks really great against the black regalia, might I add) and the white button down with a nice suit jacket. Elegant, timeless… you’ll probably look like everyone else there, but that just shows how simple but great the fit is.

Your Clothes From Formal Season

Why waste a perfectly good outfit that you know you look good in? Show off that formal season outfit in broad daylight. It probably looks even better in the sun than under the tent in Eliot courtyard. It’s economical and it’s tried and true.

Utilize the House Mailing Lists One Last Time

House mailing lists are the backbone of Harvard’s community. I’ve never seen such a strong bonding moment between students than when people have random food drops in the dhall and email chain conflicts. Use those mailing lists one last time if you are in a dire situation, and I’m sure someone will have an extra shirt, dress, or bobby pin that you can borrow for your special day.

Comfort is Elite

Reminisce about your final week Lamont fit by showing up in your comfiest outfit. I’m talking sweatpants, hoodie, and the remnants of Jefe’s chipotle mayo sauce on your lips. What better way to honor your time at Harvard?

Your Pajamas

Roll out of bed, and you’re already dressed. Convenient. Unique. Not like other girls.


Didn’t participate in primal scream but still want to join the tradition in one way or another? This is your opportunity. You’re partially covered by your gown anyway! I’m just kidding, don’t get arrested for public indecency.

Congrats to the class of 2024! Y’all really had a wild ride through your college careers, but you made it to the end. I can’t wait to see all of your beautiful outfits on Commencement day and all over my Instagram feed in the weeks following.

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