Flyby Tries: Friendly Toast

By Hayeon "Rachel" Ok and Sami E. Turner

Before you say anything, yes. We know that Friendly Toast at Harvard Square has been open for a while now. Nonetheless, sometimes we all need a classic, not insanely expensive all-American breakfast and Friendly Toast simply provides that at a very convenient location. So, we at Flyby decided to give you the review that you never asked for. You’re welcome.

Donut Stop Believin - $16

A donut-breakfast-sandwich that is embarrassing to order. But a great ratio of salty to sweet! The strawberry habanero jam was sweet and spicy (delectable). Also ask for the Maple Tumeric hot sauce, it’s a game changer.

Cookie Monster Pancakes - $16

Amazing for anyone who has a sweet tooth and loves Oreos, but it technically could be two meals (and probably has enough sugar to cover both meals) so come with an empty stomach.

Sam’s Garden Omelet and Jumbo Cheddar Tater Tots - $17 (+$2 for tater tots upgrade)

Somehow the veggies just tasted like eggs? Not the best omelet I've had, but it was okay! I could feel my lactose intolerance being awoken by the tater tots, but they were delicious! We’re here for a good time, not a long time.

Breakfast Burrito - $16

A classic and delightful mix of flavors and ingredients wrapped in a soft tortilla and tied together by the avocado-cilantro sauce, perfect for starting the day with a satisfying meal. They do say breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Philly Mac - $21

It was pretty good mac and cheese, and it was basically a disassembled burger. I was a little confused by the chimichurri sauce paired with the rest of it, but overall a solid comfort meal.

Hash Quiche - $18

A good amount of bacon, red peppers and cheese. It was quite filling and a great remix of the average American breakfast. The Maple Turmeric hot sauce is a must add, completing my meal.

Fruit Salad (Side) - $6

It was fruit and was sweet. Was it a salad? That’s a debate for another time. It could have had more honey dew melon, but it was delicious nonetheless!

Rainbow Sherbet Mocktail - $7

Refreshing. Sugary. It has a maraschino cherry in it. If you want to start off your day with a sugar rush, this is the perfect drink for you.

We hope you enjoyed this noncomprehensive review of Friendly Toast menu items! Maybe you can grab a bite with your family and friends before you move out for the semester. HAGS :)

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