How to Say You Don’t Have Summer Plans

By Sami E. Turner

Ah, finals. The time when you split your time worrying about your exams and stressing about your summer. While some people have the luxury of procrastinating studying by making packing lists for study abroad or frantically acquiring business casual clothes for internships, others worry instead about sending follow-up emails to all the internships and research opportunities that ghosted them. If you’re watching summer rapidly approach without any idea of an impressive way you’ll spend it, never fear! Harvard is all about optics, and we can help you figure out how to ~spin~ your minimal plans to make all your friends weep with envy.

Living at home: “Reconnecting with my heritage”

When some people say this, they mean they’re going to the country of their ancestry. But who’s to say your ancestry doesn’t include your hometown? The Costco of your youth is basically as relevant to you as your DNA.

Going to the beach as often as possible: “Geological research”

Sand teaches you a lot about rocks — namely, that they’re annoying when they’re small.

Working at the mall: “Shadowing management at a Fortune 500 company”

I worked retail the summer after my freshman year, and now I know Uniqlo restocks on Monday afternoons. This surely is a marketable skill. And I definitely shadowed the management — especially when they forgot to tell me I could take lunch.

Buying ice cream: “Working to provide affordable education to the new generation in my community”

Make sure to tip in the little jar that says “tuition!” and you’ll be all set.

Sleeping until 5 p.m.: “Engaging with work-life culture abroad”

You’re already following an international time zone.

Scrolling on dating apps: “Interviewing peers in local area on topics related to generational connection”

Extra points if you actually set your location to a major city to raise your chances.

In all seriousness, it’s completely fine if your plan for the next three months is just to chill and recharge. We’ve all been there, and sometimes you just need a moment to yourself. Good luck with finals — the end is in sight!

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