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Researchers at Harvard SEAS Engineer ‘New Class of Fluids’

A group of researchers at Harvard’s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences engineered metafluids – the first of a “new class of fluids” — which bring a number of intriguing properties, such as tunable compressibility, changeable optical properties, and the ability to be programmed to handle a variety of loads.

Harvard Affiliates Embark on ‘Pakistan Trek’ Over Spring Break

A group of 27 Harvard affiliates traveled to Pakistan during spring break for “Pakistan Trek,” a weeklong trip touring the country, attending sporting events and performances, and meeting prominent current and former government officials.

Habiba Braimah Appointed as Senior Director of Harvard Foundation

Habiba T. Braimah began her tenure as the new senior director of the Harvard Foundation for Intercultural and Race Relations late last month and will oversee the 38th annual Cultural Rhythms festival that kicks off Monday.

How Harvard Killed Its Best Title IX Resource

The change from OSAPR to OGE may seem inconsequential, but the gutting of OSAPR was not just another administrative consolidation — it meant the loss of perhaps the best-known, most-trusted resource for survivors on Harvard’s campus.

The Possible Perpetrator in Your Crimson Cart

The Harvard administration’s pattern of punishing professors who have violated sexual harassment policies by putting them on temporary leave, and then quietly allowing them to come back relatively unscathed, further endangers younger students who may be unaware of their professors’ checkered histories.