Around the Water Cooler

Coordinates: Locked in Mount Auburn Cemetery

It’s mid-fall. The leaves are somewhere between dull brown and brutally orange on the last afternoon that it is not too crisp to walk by the river. We wile our way down past Darwin’s, the coffee shop we have yet to discover; across the crosswalk with the lights that never change to walk; and next to an unending row of fencing and hedges. The cemetery is still open for an hour this late in the day…is it six or seven?

Flyby's Third (and Final!) Presidential Debate Recap

Last night, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney sat down for a third and final presidential debate before election day. Although the close proximity of the candidates and moderator Bob Schieffer didn't quite produce the verbal fireworks we saw between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan when they were seated in the same format two weeks ago, we did hear quite a lot from both sides of the table (literally). Fortunately, Flyby stayed alert and on BS-patrol. For one last time, we're back to help you sort through some of the evening's more memorable moments.

Around the Water Cooler: Ivy League Shakeups

Like the Harvard school year, Ivy League sports are starting to wrap up. Baseball only has two weekends of league ...

Around the Water Cooler: Springtime for Harvard

Spring, at long last, has arrived. Yes, the ground looks like the head of a man in desperate need of ...

Around the Water Cooler: Winter's Last Stand

Let’s kibitz in another edition of Around the Water Cooler.

Around the Water Cooler: Shall We Dance

Two big stories dominated the Ivy League this weekend. First, Emma Watson announced that she would take a temporary leave ...

Around the Water Cooler: The Final Stretch

With less than two weeks left until the warm embrace of Spring Break, the college seems to have shaken off the deep freeze from this past weekend and now students and athletes alike head to the libraries to burn the midnight oil in time for midterms and papers.

Around the Water Cooler: The Final Stretch

As midterms and papers slowly crush all of us, the athletes of Harvard are crunched for time as they battle ...

Around the Water Cooler: Where Fortunes Change

It’s a good time for most of Harvard. The cold looks like it might just end after all, meaning we ...

Cool it Off

This week's around the water cooler takes us indoors, where Ivy League basketball and hockey are in full swing.

Around the Water Cooler: Thanksgiving Edition

The Game has ended, and Thanksgiving is here. But even though the fall season is (basically) over, there is still ...

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