Exploring Spirituality and Civic Life

Dan P. McKanan’s ’89 work outlines anthroposophical teachings concerned with the biological and spiritual interconnectedness of agriculture. “There's an understanding that certain spiritual forces stream down to earth from various cosmic realms, and the farmer is working with those spiritual forces,” he explains.

Combating Climate Change with Robert Stavins

Fifteen Minutes sat down with Professor Robert N. Stavins, Director of the Harvard Environmental Economics Program, to talk about cap-and-trade, the Peace Corps, and what individuals can do to combat climate change.

Fifteen Minutes with Mayor Pete

FM sat down with Mayor Pete in a second-floor office at the Institute of Politics, an old haunt from his time as IOP president. We talked about his college days, “The West Wing,” and his Supreme Court-packing proposal. Today’s IOP student leaders have placed a poster behind him for the occasion that reads: “Mayors ask what youth can do.”

Creating Pottery to Destroy

Striving to meet Nakazato’s — and his own — high standards, Everard made more than 5,000 plates during his first six months of apprenticeship. Most were destroyed before they reached the kiln, and their clay was recycled for later use. Every piece that enters the kiln must be perfect.

The Hidden Curriculum

“What the ‘privileged poor’ and the ‘doubly disadvantaged’ force us to think about is how social inequalities like poverty and inequality, especially in our neighborhoods and in our secondary schools, manifest themselves on our campus.”

There's Always Gelt in the Banana Stand

Aspects and fragments of Yiddish have become ubiquitous in our common vocabulary, operating, in Rachelle T. Grossman’s words, as “cultural capital, a cultural currency, as a symbolic language.”

Is Andrew Yang the Anti-Trump?

“I certainly do not relish being compared to Donald Trump,” Yang says in an interview with Fifteen Minutes, calling such comparisons “unfortunate, because Donald Trump gives real entrepreneurs a bad name, and entrepreneurs like myself regard him as more of a marketing charlatan than a real builder.” As he tells the crowd, “the opposite of Donald Trump is an Asian man who likes math.”

Painting With Motion

Slow, heavy piano notes fill the studio room in the Harvard Dance Center as the dancers unravel their bodies to the beat of the music. Among the bodies is Nejla Y. Yatkin. She moves with the rest of her students, twisting and turning as the music envelops them all.

Cat's-eye View

For Coleman, Catiline’s life was his own. He was no subservient, docile pet — it makes sense that the headstrong Catiline would author his own memoir. After all, as Coleman puts it: “Who can ever make a cat do something it doesn’t want to do?”

Harvard Meets 'Gossip Girl'

Take, for example, her depiction of Fifteen Minutes as a den of blackmail and sexual intrigue, consumed with publishing articles about whether freshman hemlines are “statistically… shorter than those of the female upperclassmen.”

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