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Most Main Character: Isa Peña

If you find yourself in a musical theater around Harvard on a given weekend, there’s a good chance that you’ll bump into Isa Peña ’23-’24. At first, you might not recognize her. One week, she might be singing soaring ballads set in a brothel; on another week, she could be sporting a yellow wig, rosy cheeks, and bright red boots.

‘Fighting the Same Fight’: Disabled Students Unite for Justice

Thanks to decades of activism that reframed disability as an identity rather than an impediment, many students today embrace their disabilities. Now, they’re pushing the University and their peers to affirm their experiences and uplift their voices.

Seeding a Probiotic Revolution

Regardless of how far Seed Health gets in its mission to reimagine human health and environmental systems through probiotics, Gyorgy Baffy is certain that biotech and supplement companies like it have set the course in motion for a field that’s only getting started. Baffy, who finished his medical training in Hungary in 1980, remembers a time before the concept of microbiota entered into clinical and scientific jargon. Now, he says, knowledge of the field is spreading.

Remy the Cat, An Ecological Menace

With  over 12,000 followers on Instagram, Remy has undoubtedly become one of the most popular animals on campus. But his celebrity obscures  all the questionable actions that cast doubt on whether we should uplift him in the first place: is Remy really the friendly cat that he purports to be, or is he “purr” evil?