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FAS Dean Gay to Review Tenure Promotion Process

Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences Claudine Gay will launch a review of the FAS tenure promotion process in response to a request by several faculty members, she wrote in a December email to those faculty.

Ten Stories That Shaped 2019

Beginning with a dean's decision to represent Harvey Weinstein and ending with a graduate student strike, 2019 was an eventful year at Harvard. Students pushed for change via protests, whether they called for an ethnic studies program or for divestment. Outside news touched campus, too, as University affiliates examined Harvard's relationship to Jeffrey Epstein. Here, The Crimson reviews ten stories that defined the past twelve months on campus.

FAS Dean Gay 'Hopeful' Faculty Will Develop Ethnic Studies Concentration

Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences Claudine Gay reiterated her position that the search for faculty who study race and ethnicity must come before the establishment of a formal Ethnic Studies concentration in an interview Friday.

Dean Claudine Gay

Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences Claudine Gay, poses for a photo in her office in University Hall.

FAS Dean Gay Poised to Launch Nationwide Search for Athletics Director

Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences Claudine Gay will soon launch a nationwide search for Harvard Athletics Director Robert L. Scalise’s successor, she said in an interview Wednesday.

Faculty to Push Bacow for Divestment at Upcoming Meeting

History professor Joyce E. Chaplin, Economics professor Stephen A. Marglin, and Astronomy professor Charles Conroy will address whether Harvard’s response to climate change should include divestment from “fossil fuel interests,” according to the meeting agenda.

Faculty Council Approves Tweaks to New Course Schedule Legislation

The Faculty Council voted to approve tweaks to the Faculty of Arts and Sciences course schedule — which underwent an overhaul last year — at its biweekly meeting Wednesday, according to council member Kirsten A. Weld.

FAS Prioritizing Ethnic Studies Faculty Searches Despite Stagnant Overall Hiring, Dean Gay Says

Though mounting financial hardships mean the size of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences will not grow for the foreseeable future, the school is nonetheless making a concerted effort to increase its ranks of ethnic studies faculty.

FAS Dean of Finances Warns of ‘Ominous’ Financial Outlook at Harvard Faculty Meeting

In a presentation of the FAS Dean’s annual report on the school’s finances and hiring, Dean of Administration and Finance Leslie A. Kirwan warned the faculty of “ominous financial signs on the horizon,” including uncertain federal research funding and the endowment tax that took effect this year.

Harvard Police Investigate ‘Hateful’ Attack Against Faculty Member

The note insulted the unnamed FAS faculty member’s “ethnicity and immigrant status, challenged her right to be at Harvard, and wished her ill,” according to an email signed jointly by FAS Dean Claudine Gay and University President Lawrence S. Bacow.

Division of Continuing Education Dean Announces Retirement

Huntington D. Lambert has held the deanship for six years. Starting next January, Henry H. Leitner, DCE associate dean and chief innovation officer, will serve as interim dean until a permanent replacement can be found.

Harvard Debuts New Web Tool for Faculty and Staff

Harvard launched an online platform this semester to give faculty and staff tailor-made web pages with articles, events, and other information from University sources based on their academic interests.

Harvard to Launch Study of Athletics Department

Harvard is launching a review of the “culture” and “structure” of its athletics department, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Science Claudine Gay announced in an email to athletes, coaches, and other athletics staff Thursday.

Federal Grand Jury Investigates Harvard Fencing Scandal

A federal grand jury is investigating the sale of a Needham, Mass. home from Harvard’s head fencing coach to the father of current and former College fencers. The Massachusetts U.S. attorney’s office subpoenaed Needham officials in April, seeking to review records related to the 2016 transaction.

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