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The Fox Club Recognition Status
Final Clubs

The Fox Club Changed Its Mind About Going Gender-Neutral — Again

The historically all-male, 120-year-old social group — which earlier this month vowed to go co-ed and in return earned College recognition — is no longer planning to do so, according to administrators.

Harvard Admissions

Harvard Asks Court to Exclude Evidence of Past Anti-Semitism in Admissions Trial

Students for Fair Admissions, the plaintiff in the ongoing lawsuit, planned to bring at least a dozen exhibits related to anti-Semitic discrimination at Harvard.

HUDS Strikes at Annenberg on Second Day

Gearing Up For A Nationwide Strike, Hotel Workers Consult HUDS Union on Strategy

The developments in Boston follow a national-level escalation between UNITE HERE and Marriott that began early last week.

Faculty Retirement Handbook

Dominguez Retains Emeritus Privileges Pending Results of Sexual Misconduct Investigation

Pending the results of an investigation into his alleged sexual harassment of at least 20 women, Dominguez will continue to receive the perks that come with emeritus status, including access to University spaces and research support.

Fall in Harvard Yard

Harvard Debuts New System for Disciplining Errant Student Groups

Harvard has debuted a new procedure for punishing student groups that violate school policy.

University Hall

Lawrence D. Bobo Named Next Dean of Social Science

Lawrence D. Bobo, professor of African and African American Studies and Sociology, will become the dean of Social Science on October 1.

Undergraduate Council

Almost Half of Harvard's Undergraduate Council Will Not Return to Govern

At least 23 representatives who served during the spring term — of 51 total members — are either declining to run for re-election or have resigned their positions in recent months.

Bacow in Michigan
Higher Education

Bacow Heads to Home State of Michigan In Quest to Fix Harvard’s Image Problem

Bacow, a Michigan native, stopped through Detroit and Pontiac to make the case to locals that Harvard can positively impact their lives and neighborhoods. The trip comes at a perilous moment for higher education in America.

John Joseph Moakley United States Courthouse

Harvard Asks Judge to Allow Students to Testify in Admissions Trial

Harvard asked a federal judge to allow a number of College students and alumni to testify in support of its race-conscious admissions policies. But the group suing the University doesn't want them to speak.

Hasty Pudding 171

Hasty Pudding Theatricals Casts Six Women, Ending Nearly 200 Years of All-Male Performances

Hasty Pudding Theatricals has cast six women to perform in its 2019 show, completing a co-ed shift the group vowed last semester and ending an almost two-century period during which only men could act in Pudding productions.

Capitol Building
Central Administration

With Endowment Tax on the Horizon, Harvard Still Doesn’t Know How to File Its Returns

Harvard is still awaiting federal guidance on how to file taxes under a law passed in Dec. 2017 that levied an “unprecedented” excise tax on some universities’ endowment returns, according to a spokeswoman.


Harvard Study: 29 Percent of Opioid Prescriptions Come Without Pain Diagnosis

Nearly 30 percent of opioid prescriptions do not cite a pain-related diagnosis, a new Harvard Medical School and RAND Corporation study has found.

Faculty Escape the Rain for a Meeting

Faculty Council Debates Proposal to Kill Shopping Week

Many students’ worst scheduling fear is one step closer to reality after Wednesday’s Faculty Council meeting. There is now an official proposal on the table to end shopping week — though it's far from implementation.

HLS Library
Harvard Law School

Harvard Law School Increasingly Favors Applicants With Real-World Work Experience

If you want to get into Harvard Law School, you should probably spend some time working in the real world before you apply to hit the books in Cambridge, according to the school's chief admissions officer.

Arne S. Duncan
Men's Basketball

Obama Education Secretary Criticizes Trump Administration's Record on Education

The former secretary of education and Harvard Basketball alumnus shared his insights about the present state of American education at the IOP Tuesday night.