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The Case for Conservative Faculty

Broadening political representation in Harvard’s faculty is no easy feat, but as students who desire a robust education, we should not settle for homogeneity in our classrooms. Diversity in all its forms was never meant to be easy, but that does not mean we shouldn’t try.

The Midterm Wake-Up Call

Midterm elections are less than a week away, and politicians on both sides of the aisle are preemptively casting doubt about election results — about this cycle and in general.

Don’t Stand For Today’s PSC Speaker Event

We are dismayed to see our peers bring Mohammed El-Kurd to speak to our campus. We find their willingness to invite such a noxious figure into our midst appalling. Thou shalt not stand idly by.

Mass. Hall Memories: Harvard’s Next President Must Address the School’s Free Speech Problem

As the search for the University’s next president progresses, Harvard has the opportunity to rectify a historical wrong and atone for a blight on its record, while addressing a larger disturbing trend about academic free expression. The time has come to lead colleges in academic speech, to return “semper” to “semper veritas.” Harvard’s atmosphere is ripe for a change of weather. Anything less would be disloyal to our motto.

The Discussion Missing From Affirmative Action Conversations

With Harvard in the news and affirmative action on the chopping block, it makes sense why discussions about admissions are focused on race. But we should not forget that Harvard’s current admissions process falls short of providing diversity in college and equity during the admissions process. Regardless of the SFFA case outcome, we can call upon Harvard to admit more low-income students.

Harvard’s Liberal Arts Program is Exclusively Liberal

The blinkered liberal hold on Harvard’s academics must be relaxed if the school hopes to promote an honest and open discussion of ideas. Our future citizen leaders are here — it is now time to begin educating them.

Let’s Cancel Cancel Culture

Listen to your conservative peers, don’t just shut them down. Take classes with professors that challenge your beliefs. Read widely.