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Dance, Dance, Devolution

The stairs leading to “Studio 74” at the Office for the Arts are already packed with a peculiar crowd by

Cambridge City Council Feared Trick-Filled Treats

It wasn’t just typical seasonal ambiance that left a tinge of terror in the air on Halloween 1982. Fears of

First Year Report States the Obvious

In a report on the first-year experience released to the student body today, the College's administration shared some of its

Harry Potter: The New Hamlet

SPOILER ALERT! The British newspaper The Daily Mail recently reported that Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone is now require

Tough Love

A rising sophomore was home for the summer when he received a shocking notification: he was facing the Administrative Board

Shakespeare and Love

It all started with a crush, a banana, and a tote bag. When I first made the epic half-mile move

Couple's Counseling is Traumatizing

In an environment where academics takes center stage, thesis writing and response papers can sometimes become the be-all and end-all

The Love-SATs!

Despite being the hub of one of the most famously awkward dating scenes in all of America — where else

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Lucy W. Baird '10

With three lectures, a section, a punch event and a problem set, time looks tight for Lucy W. Baird ’10.

Alexandra M. Hays '09

Competition: Metropolitan

THE PREMISE: Per long-standing tradition, FM’s second Annual Fast Fashion Challenge began on Thursday at noon when four student-designers were

How To Lose Your Friends in 10 Days

Congratulations! Through a combination of careful planning and awesome luck, you’re done with finals already. But with no one around

Hey, Professor Mitchell!

With Halloween just around the corner, FM is keeping an eye out for any charms or hexes that might bewitch

Wiffiti Fights Inter-awk-tions

Awkward Harvard students, always eager to avoid actual social interaction, seem to love any technology that allows them to skirt

How to Deliver an Unexpected Infant

Because most Harvard students lack the rigorous ROTC training that would prepare them for emergency midwifery, FM has compiled a

15 Ways to Stay in Shape Once the MAC Closes

1) Work up a sweat in Widener stacks. By studying. A lot. 2) Crank up the heat in dorm laundry