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Love It: Red Sox

While I am a fan of recruiting (see: FM’s “Love it: Recruiting”), I’m not the biggest fan of spectator sports.

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Hate it: Transfer Students

I’m just going to come out and say it—I dig the new transfer policy. Thank you, Pilbeam. Sure, transfers do

Love It: Athletic Recruiting

In light of the recent recruiting “scandal” with the Harvard Men’s Basketball team, I think it’s high time we set

Hot for Cold Pizza

When I was little, I wouldn’t eat the “point” off of a slice of pizza. My first memory is of

Who’s Got The Power?

Unlike the Harvard-student relationship, Harvard-faculty couples are a never-ending source of interest. Whether they rule the economics department, add to

15 Parties We Can Have

The Undergraduate Council can no longer fund alcohol with its Party Grants, but that doesn’t mean the party has to

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Life in the Middle

When Alex N. Harris ’08 walked into his first Libertarian Society meeting his freshman year, there was only one item

Alexandra M. Hays '09

Competition: Metropolitan

THE PREMISE: Per long-standing tradition, FM’s second Annual Fast Fashion Challenge began on Thursday at noon when four student-designers were

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Kathleen H. Chen '09

Kathleen H. Chen ’09 arrives at The Crimson calmly prepared for a challenge. As she picks up her 24 dollars

The Cutest of the CUE

In honor of shopping period, FM brings you the real course ratings for some of Harvard’s most popular classes. Compiled

My Brief Affair with 24D

Checking in at the airport is like opening that present from your grandma on Christmas—you’re never quite sure whether you’ll


You hear it every year: if you freak out during an exam and have to be whisked away to UHS,

Currun Singh

The weekly Adams House sophomore Social Studies tutorial had started as planned. But someone was missing: Currun Singh ’07, a

Ultimate. Challenge.

The Tools : Seven ingredients. Seven days. 300 words. The Task : One story. More than 20 professors were given

Gregory Nagy: Hero, Not Zero

Last week, when the Jones Professor of Classical Greek Literature Gregory Nagy won the prestigious (well, if you’re a Classics