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President Bacow’s Doublespeak on Fossil Fuels

Still in its infancy, Bacow’s presidency has the chance to champion a sustainable future, but only if he addresses the challenge of climate change in a single, clear voice, rather than an equivocating doublespeak.

Parting Shot

The Reality of Harvard

For now, our Harvard experience is coming to a close, but rather than lamenting our entry into the “real world,” let us hold as tightly as we can to the reality we have created here, and replicate it far outside these gates.


The Incredible Rationalizing Freshman

Housing Day morning can be either an extremely joyous or disheartening event, but in the hours that follow, a strange pattern unfolds. By the end of the day, or at least when freshmen return from spring break, the housing lottery’s random computer has succeeded, and most students are generally satisfied with their placement.


Loughner’s Empty Investigation

“We are going to the bottom of this,” said President Obama, just hours after the tragedy in Arizona this January. ...


You Talkin’ ‘Bout Playoffs?

There is nothing wrong with it being unclear at the end of the season which team in the country is really the best; healthy, balanced competition and school spirit should remain the winning combination.


Stuff White People Hate

Of course, Stuff White People Like is merely a website and two books, but perhaps the most troubling thing about it is the relatively benign status it maintains.


The Shroud of Steroids

Performance-enhancing drug usage among top players irks us because a doping player skews both present competition and the history of that game.


Why I Root for Michael Vick

As a quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons in 2004, Michael Vick led his team to the National Football Conference championship game.


A Mosque by Any Other Name

The media have picked up on and exploited the fact that “mosque” draws our eyes more than anything else.


LeBron's Aftermath

The aftermath of LeBron James’s choice certainly brought to attention our understanding of loyalty and competition.


Why Honesty Matters to Us

Honesty allows us to present our actual selves to the world, and without it we cease to have an actual identity.


Missing the Point

Although using more exclamation points may not drastically affect us, it does provide an example of the growing body of ways in which we misrepresent our feelings through writing.


Pigskins on the Brain

The physicality of football is what defines it and makes it thrilling, but players must gauge and consider the repercussions of a lifetime of hits.


March’s Hidden Madness

Let’s hope the freshmen this weekend who don’t lift the trophy get three more chances at winning it all.


After Virtue and Basketball

In the age where the specific virtues in our morals are increasingly harder to pinpoint, in our sports there exist infinite bests by infinite definitions.