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Conservation Made Simple

I am proposing these changes because the proper stewardship of our environment is the single most important issue facing the world today.


Pass On Passwords

There is no magic bullet that will secure the internet in one step, but the current password framework is broken


Nuclear Power's Dirty Legacy

Even if the government finds a big pit where we can chuck all of the nation's waste, the danger doesn't go away on any human timescale. While some radioactive substances, such as those used in medical imaging, break down in a matter of hours, the spent fuel rods from nuclear reactors will still be dangerous thousands upon thousands of years from now.


3D? I’ll Stick With 2

Nintendo’s handheld game console, the 3DS, launched in North America this week. Though not the first example of a glasses-free ...


Death of Auto-Tune

On the surface, Auto-Tune sounds like trickery, and it is to some extent. But while attempts to stop the use of technology have failed in the past, the industry’s obsession with Auto-Tune will eventually fade, and there are signs that that day is nearly here.


They've Got the Power

Nearly everyone, from college students to corporate executives, has had to suffer through a tedious PowerPoint presentation, and Harvard is ...


Root for the Underdog

Men like Assange provide the thing we need most: hope.


Seat Computers at the Cool Table

Harvard has never been a pre-professional university, and students expecting to slide down a greased path into a stable career would be best served at another school.


Like Firesheep to the Slaughter

Chances are you’ve heard of Firesheep, the web plug-in that lets anybody access other people’s Facebook and Twitter accounts over the same wireless network. The application is dangerous but eye-opening, and it may redefine the Internet as we know it.


Forgotten, But Not Gone

As responsible citizens, we must finish the cleanup and take steps to prevent another spill from happening.


Part of the Problem (Set)

Problem sets can be made much less painful and much better learning experiences overall.


Wireless Without Walls

The FCC’s decision to allow unlicensed access to the spectrum, rather than auctioning off sections to the highest bidder, as has been their custom in the past, is one of the plan’s biggest strengths.


When Green is Only Skin Deep

Last Thursday marked the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, and the celebration showed that if there’s one thing America can do, it’s take something sacred and stamp signs of corporate profiteering all over it.


The Screen Has Arrived

Like most Apple launches of the 21st century, the product has generated a thousand articles in the mainstream press and a thousand and one different opinions.


An App, By Any Other Name

Names are a crucial factor in the success of any company, yet far too often startup software companies give themselves or their products hastily picked names that don’t do them justice.