Madeleine M. Schwartz

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Fair Pay For All Work

The disposable nature of the unpaid intern’s position affects the way we view our own worth.

Speak Up!

By pooling their experiences and comparing them, women can more fully understand how sexism functions and work against it.

888 Memorial Drive

On March 6, 1971, about 150 women occupied 888 Memorial Drive, a Graduate School of Design building that was mostly abandoned and about to be destroyed.

Release The Stats!

The University is mostly quiet about sexual assault on campus.

Women at Yale

The Yale students who have stood up for gender equality are a good example to follow.

What is To Be Done?

We come to Harvard hoping to learn about ourselves, find our interests and leave ready to change the world. We can start this by addressing those that govern our day-to-day life.

Child Care for All!

Harvard must offer support on all levels of academic development, not just once its students become faculty. An extension of existing benefits would not only aid current student parents but also increase the diversity of future faculty.

Where Are the Radical Feminists?

To forget the radical feminists is to ignore much of the social change that has taken place in America in the last fifty years.

What Sex Signals Doesn’t Teach

This year’s sex signals has come and gone, and, like every September, freshmen sit through two sessions that fail to ...