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Lelic’s ‘Cuts’ Relies on Tired Tropes

Lelic’s plotline centers on a school shooting in which Mr. Szajkowski—a teacher who everyone agrees was always strange—walks into a school assembly and opens fire on students and teachers alike.

'Happiness' Without Substance

Middle-aged women are supposed to love Alice Munro almost as much as they love yogurt.

Wodiczko Installation Plays Veterans’ Stories at Full Volume

Polish artist has biggest impact when he makes subtle gestures with art

Gentlement Broncos

Ah, the pains of adolescence. You live with your dorky mom, who aspires to make clothing out of beach towels ...

Meme Inspired from Mundane, but Home to Edgy Work

The problem with performance art is that it rarely leaves a physically lasting imprint. A phenomenon that graces street corners,

Pulitzer Committee Honors Alumnus

Holland Cotter ’70, an art critic for the New York Times, received the 2009 Pulitzer Prize for Criticism on Monday

Uzodinma C. Iweala '04

Jamaica Kincaid sees writing as an “accompaniment” to the rest of one’s life. “You can do anything and still be

At ICA Event, Spalding Gray has ‘Stories Left to Tell’

With the aid of a notebook, a microphone, and a glass of water, Spalding Gray became famous by exposing his