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For The Moment

One-sided Phone Call with Ryan Fitzpatrick '05

Big Ry, what’s up man?! Ah damn it, I think he hung up. Let’s call again.

For The Moment

Free the Weights

Move over, unidentified knife-wielding males near Cambridge Common—there’s a greater threat lurking for undergrads, and it’s been right inside our ...


Save My Tonic Water, Cheer for Harvard

Last Saturday, I was camped out on my trusty futon watching the Notre Dame-Michigan football game. Their rivalry is older ...

For The Moment

What Would Make Us Happy

The Harvard Happiness Project created the HappyNest last spring in order to give students a place to relax, have fun, ...

Junior Parents
For The Moment

A Parents' Weekend Conversation

This weekend, the College will be invaded by the nosy, embarrassing, and oh-so-lovable parents of the Class of 2012. Yes, ...

For The Moment


“The Big Shamrock,” what Shaquille O’Neal seems to be calling himself lately, was once one of the most dominant players ...

For The Moment

Love It: Silly Bandz

For The Moment

Hate It: Ice Luge

First of all, let’s just get one thing straight: the “sport” of luge is not really a sport. Lying on top of someone else and letting gravity do its work doesn’t constitute a sport.

For The Moment

In the Pursuit of the Perfect Tutor

They live in your House. They know who you are, where you live, and possibly your name (not a given). ...

School of Public Health

Study Shows Coffee’s Benefits

The consumption of coffee and vigorous exercise may have a hand in decreasing the risk of prostate cancer, according to separate findings recently presented by two researchers affiliated with the Harvard School of Public Health.

College Life

Naked Yale Party. It happened.

As some of us found out before (and during) The Game last Saturday, tailgates at Harvard look like tamed pets compared to the wild beasts of tailgates that are thrown at Yale. Back in Cambridge, as hungover students recounted their weekend debauchery, the buzz around campus was that a certain Yale party made Harvard ragers look quite tame as well. This party was a naked party. Yep, naked. As in no clothes.

For The Moment

Hate it: Pep Rally

Certainly, nothing pumps up the Crimson football team and its fans like standing in the freezing cold waiting for a ...

En Garde!

Much more was going on in the Malkin Athletic Center (MAC) this past weekend than your typical Pilates class. The