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Free the Weights

Move over, unidentified knife-wielding males near Cambridge Common—there’s a greater threat lurking for undergrads, and it’s been right inside our ...

Save My Tonic Water, Cheer for Harvard

Last Saturday, I was camped out on my trusty futon watching the Notre Dame-Michigan football game. Their rivalry is older ...

What Would Make Us Happy

The Harvard Happiness Project created the HappyNest last spring in order to give students a place to relax, have fun, ...

Hate It: Ice Luge

First of all, let’s just get one thing straight: the “sport” of luge is not really a sport. Lying on top of someone else and letting gravity do its work doesn’t constitute a sport.

Study Shows Coffee’s Benefits

The consumption of coffee and vigorous exercise may have a hand in decreasing the risk of prostate cancer, according to separate findings recently presented by two researchers affiliated with the Harvard School of Public Health.