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‘Double Shadow’ Presents a New Way to Pray

“No, we are not beyond beauty,” the poet Carl Phillips ’81 once said in an interview. “I was out working ...


Shepard's Latest Collection Offers Good, 'Bad,' and Ugly

Characters are killed by earthquakes, floods, and avalanches; others die by auto-da-fé, by war in the jungle, by brain disease, by miscarriage, by suicide.


Paterson’s ‘Rain’ Pours Poems

On the brink of the 19th century, in the Scottish town of Dumfries, the poet Robert Burns wrote: “the honest man, tho’ e’er sae poor / Is king o’ men for a’ that.”


‘The Apple Trees at Olema’ Displays Poet Hass’s Scientific Eye

“One of the things / he believed was that our poems could be better / than our motives. So who cares why / he wrote those lines about the hairstyle / of his piano teacher in Wilno in the 1920s / or the building with spumy baroque cornices / that collapsed on her in 1942,” poet Robert Hass writes in one of his latest sequences of poems, “July Notebook: The Birds.”


Kechiche Shows Harvard Film Archive Some 'Love'

Although he has spent most of his life in France, Kechiche, the eleventh recipient of the prize, was deemed to have excellently portrayed France’s Arab community through his films.


Lerner Attempts to Reinvent Form in ‘Mean Free Path’

“Mean Free Path” is an experiment aiming for the reconstruction, not dismantlement, of poetic forms. Lerner’s book invents a new form as recognizable and systematic as the old ones.

On Campus

Korean Filmmaker Bong is a Hit at HFA

“This movie is often called a thriller or suspense, but it is simply about a mother... although this movie is ...



Steven Morrissey—although 50 years old and no longer bearing the sharp chin and product-heavy ’80s hairdo—continues to be exceptionlly prolific, ...

Harvard Medical School

HMS Building Receives Award

The New Research Building at Harvard Medical School has been named one of the recipients of the annual Merit Award ...


Austrian Lind’s ‘Ergo’ a Labor of Post-War Melancholy

As an 11-year-old boy, Jakov Lind (who died in 2007) fled from the Nazi-occupied Vienna to Holland and survived the ...


‘Flies’ Attempts to Interpret Sartre

“When freedom lights the beacon in a man’s heart, gods are powerless against him,” Zeus says in Jean-Paul Sartre’s play ...

My One and Only

At the start of “My One and Only,” Anne Devereaux (Renée Zellweger) comes home to her Manhattan apartment to find