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Photography that Refuses to Get the Picture

In the age of the infinite scroll of Tumblr, Selichi Furuya installs a wheezing slide projector in a corner of Galerie Thomas Fischer in Berlin.

Bursting the Bubble-Cities of Berlin

For all the spectacle that “Cloud Cities” produces—including bouncing children, uneasy parents, and stern security guards—it is a particularly spectacular example of how contemporary art goes awry.

A Picture's Worth a Thousand Cities

It’s painfully funny how the visitor’s approach to the museum and the tourist’s plan for a city mirror one another.

The Art Space as a Non-Space

We can add the art space—gallery, museum, or art fair—to the list of universal institutional non-spaces like airports and hotel chains.

Suppress or Express

The perceived function of fashion is an inherent contradiction—oscillating between an artificial construction to be utilized, recycled, and disposed of by the individual, and a means for self-expression.

A Lack of Constructive Criticism

Open any of the email promotions sitting in your inbox, flip through any of the standard fashion magazines from Vogue ...

No One Ever Said Fashion Was Practical

Biannually hundreds of industry leaders travel to four cities for a month of back-to-back shows in multiple venues, models are rushed in and out of shows for drastic makeup, hair, and outfit changes, and designers obsess far in advance over music, theme, seating arrangements, and venue for a 20-minute presentation

Consumers Benefit at Designers’ Cost

Though the majority of consumers now have access to designs that otherwise would be unavailable due to the extravagant costs of high-end designers, it also exploits a gaffe in the fashion system and cheapens the originality of the designer’s products.