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Study Looks at Indicators of Teacher Effectiveness

According to a recent study by Harvard’s Center for Policy Education Research (CEPR), two indicators of teacher effectiveness include whether instructors were hired before or after the beginning of the school year and where they received their undergraduate education—factors typically not rewarded with increased pay.

Working Group Discusses Climate Change, Water, and Sustainable Development

Professors from across Harvard’s graduate schools and members of the private sector gathered at the Harvard University Center for the Environment last Friday to discuss issues surrounding water access and subsequent challenges for sustainable urban development.

Strong Harvard Showing in Foreign Policy's Top 100 Thinkers

It's no surprise to most people that Harvard produces cutting edge thinkers. And so when Foreign Policy Magazine published its ...

Deol’s Film On Oscar Shortlist

Only a day after graduating from Harvard College, Kiran K. Deol ’06, a first-time filmmaker, boarded a plane to begin working on a documentary charting the life of a female guerrilla fighter in Nepal.

Harvard Donor Accused of Illegally Funding Iran

The Alavi Foundation, a non-profit organization that has funded various Harvard programs in Middle Eastern culture and language, faced formal allegations from the U.S. government earlier this month that they had illegally given money and services to the Iranian government in violation of laws that regulate trade with Iran.

Company Seeks Lab Resource Equity

Before matriculating at Harvard Medical School in 2001, Nina S. Dudnik worked at a lab in the Ivory Coast. And ...

Bowman-Hysen Boast Bi-Partisan Support

Supporters call UC presidential candidate John F. Bowman ’11 and his running mate, Eric N. Hysen ’11, "more relatable."