Meredith C. Baker

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Humbled by Harvard

Though we are very familiar with the early stages of excitement to be at Harvard and recognition of stiffness of “competition,” we can sometimes remain stagnant, or move on without processing and growing from the lessons we are lucky to learn, ahead of the real-world schedule.

Any Given Thursday

Remember Valentine’s Day in second grade?

A Reflection

One of the biggest mistakes that students make at Harvard is feeling like we are alone in our problems or sadness here.

Reflection on International Aid

If you are inclined to donate to an international charity this holiday season, I recommend doing a bit of research to find an organization that trains and educates the local population and fosters economic growth and on-the-ground sustainability.

Get To Know a Professor

Throughout my time here, I have challenged myself to get to know one professor each semester, and this has led me to unexpected places and unexpected opportunities.

History Resurfaced

“Empiricism is the lifeblood of history, but what do we do when the evidence is gone? How do we piece it back together?”

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: Two Unlikely Case Studies

The organization sent a team of trained mental health practitioners and social workers to the new country to begin training for organizations and the government on how to cope with PTSD and GBV.

Theses Around the World

This past summer, while I was in Mozambique doing thesis research at a rural primary school, some of my classmates were scattered around the globe doing thesis research.