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Living with the Left

The wave of leftist governments that has rocked Latin America over the past 15 years or so is not something to fear. If anything, we should welcome the enhanced democratic processes they’ve ushered in.

What’s the Point?

The Cuban Revolution has had a lasting influence on Latin America. The Cuban regime in the present day has very little.

Nobel, Noble No More

The Nobel Peace Prize increasingly seems like less of a clearly defined concept and more of a random lottery, and that’s truly a shame.

Cristina, Get Serious

The choices Kirchner makes are increasingly the wrong ones. And the cause of this seems to be personal, not political.

Get Over It

There is a difference—a subtle yet crucial one—between saying, “we are great” and proclaiming, “we are the greatest.”

Happy Logic

Thus, we approach the core problem with the Happy Planet Index: Happiness and wellbeing are inextricably linked, but they cannot be reduced to the same thing.