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An Open Letter to President Faust

President Faust, we are faced with a unique moment in history, in which global economic stagnation and lack of political will are allowing this very crucial challenge to go completely unattended. We urge you to fill this vacuum by seriously revamping our sustainability vision so that it more explicitly leverages the public good that Harvard provides best—innovation and ideas.

Combating the Facebook Index

In almost any Harvard class, one can see students checking Facebook, reading the New York Times, or checking their Gmail during lecture. Facebook during class has become so ubiquitous that no one even questions it.

Green Dragon: China’s $200 billion clean energy power play

We propose that the Chinese government divest 20 percent of its over $1 trillion worth of U.S. treasury bill holdings and create a $200 billion clean energy focused investment fund.

Winning the Clean Energy Race

Important policies can and should be put in place to tackle America’s energy, climate, and competitiveness problems.

Lessons in Entrepreneurship

Fear of being cheated, hunger for new business, obsession with adding unique value, and the satisfaction of loyal teamwork—highly chaotic and unstructured, this has been my summer as an entrepreneur-in-training.

Good News from an Unlikely Place

At a time of bitter debt talks and cries of a failed recovery, Detroit and other parts of Michigan are showing signs of hope.

Nuclear Reality Check

Regardless of criticisms, the reality is that nuclear power is here to stay.

Sections for Actual Discussion

Unfortunately, section discussion at Harvard is often disorganized and unfocused.

POSTCARD: Bombay Dreams

In a fortuitous paradox, it just might be that the very backwardness of the country provides the perfect backdrop for India’s entrepreneurship, demographics, and free market to come together and bring prosperity to a billion people.