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University Accepts Peretz Fund

The Committee on Degrees in Social Studies will inaugurate a $650,000 undergraduate research fund in honor of former Harvard professor Martin “Marty” H. Peretz

Marty Peretz Removed From Speaking List

The possibility of former Harvard professor Martin "Marty" H. Peretz—who has stirred controversy with his statements regarding Muslim life—speaking at the upcoming 50th anniversary celebration of the Committee on Degrees in Social Studies has grown increasingly vague.

Student Letter Criticizes Marty Peretz

In response to what student groups considered “racist” and “disturbing” anti-Muslim remarks made by former Harvard professor Martin “Marty” H. Peretz, five student support groups joined to send an open letter to senior administrators in the Committee of Degrees in Social Studies, encouraging the committee not to honor Peretz at its fiftieth-year anniversary celebration.

New Fund Sparks Controversy in Social Studies

The Social Studies department plans to honor former Harvard Professor Martin “Marty” H. Peretz through the launching of an undergraduate ...

Harvard Chaplains Support Park51

The Harvard Chaplains, the umbrella organization of chaplains at the University, announced their support on Wednesday for the proposed Park51 mosque and community center—which would be built two blocks away from Ground Zero—in a statement posted on their website.