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Indian Dance Show Entertains Audience

Students, adults, and other members of the Harvard community packed into Leverett Dining Hall on Saturday night to enjoy Kalpanam.

Albinism Panel
On Campus

Panel Decries Albino Discrimination

Individuals with albinism in the United States may face discrimination and marginalization.

Student Groups

Students Debate Immigration

The topic of immigration in the United States sparked two debates among students and faculty across campus last night.

Social Studies

Protestors Fight Against Marty Peretz

Protestors gathered Saturday to denounce Harvard University for accepting a donation in the name of former Social Studies Head Tutor Martin “Marty” H. Peretz.

College Finance

University Accepts Peretz Fund

The Committee on Degrees in Social Studies will inaugurate a $650,000 undergraduate research fund in honor of former Harvard professor Martin “Marty” H. Peretz

Social Studies

Marty Peretz Removed From Speaking List

The possibility of former Harvard professor Martin "Marty" H. Peretz—who has stirred controversy with his statements regarding Muslim life—speaking at the upcoming 50th anniversary celebration of the Committee on Degrees in Social Studies has grown increasingly vague.


Student Letter Criticizes Marty Peretz

In response to what student groups considered “racist” and “disturbing” anti-Muslim remarks made by former Harvard professor Martin “Marty” H. Peretz, five student support groups joined to send an open letter to senior administrators in the Committee of Degrees in Social Studies, encouraging the committee not to honor Peretz at its fiftieth-year anniversary celebration.


New Fund Sparks Controversy in Social Studies

The Social Studies department plans to honor former Harvard Professor Martin “Marty” H. Peretz through the launching of an undergraduate ...

Harvard in the World

Harvard Chaplains Support Park51

The Harvard Chaplains, the umbrella organization of chaplains at the University, announced their support on Wednesday for the proposed Park51 mosque and community center—which would be built two blocks away from Ground Zero—in a statement posted on their website.

Harvard Law School

HLS Student Sends Racy E-mail

Last night, an e-mail from a third year (3L) Harvard Law School student garnered a flurry of angry responses and ...

Harvard Medical School

Media Highlights Local Physician

Harvard Medical School Professor Marie-Louise Jean-Baptiste has been highlighted in the Harvard magazine Focus.


Manners Enforcers Hit Man with Fists, Pasta

Next time you’re in a rush to run to lab or turn in a problem set in the Science Center, be sure that you don’t let your hurry prevent you from holding the elevator. You never know when the person you don’t hold the elevator for will physically assault you for your “rude” behavior.


Excessive Drinking In Young Women Linked to Greater Risk of Benign Breast Disease

Excessive alcohol consumption in young women may increase the risk of benign breast disease at an early age, according to a Harvard Medical School study.

Harvard Kennedy School

Professor Advocates Cap-and-Trade

A cap-and-trade system is the most practical, cost-effective way for the government to limit carbon emissions, according to a paper recently published by Harvard Kennedy School Professor Robert N. Stavins and University of Manchester Economics Professor Robert W. Hahn.

Student Life

Thesis Writers Utilize Break

While many Harvard students spent their spring breaks relaxing and traveling, some seniors remained on campus or went home last week to work on their senior theses, which were due after vacation.